Good or bad?

I’m sure we have all had that special person who from the moment you both met, it seemed as though you have known each other for years and the sparks keep going off in your head. Yeah yeah, I know, it seems like some romantic American movie crap which we Nigerians DO NOT subscribe to, but let me tell you something, it does and I got sucker punched in the gut! Lol. Yup, It was as painful as that. Got a romantic like me willing to unsubscribe from romance and love in general. I know right! I was ready to switch from shoujo manga (for my anime/manga lovers) to shounen/action/psychological anime (and for anyone that knows me that’s definitely a huge leap!) but I’ve come to realize that running away won’t solve anything and time heals everything. So here I am, sitting on my bed, still wearing my nighty at 9 O’clock in the morning using my time and yours to get over this feeling and I must say it’s working! Thanks everyone for your support. Till my next post! Bye :D