Comedy Drama

Vex, shouts and video games

So I’m here sitting down, minding my own business when my brother goes, ‘Hey! Let’s play FIFA’. Back up a bit. I play video games but not enough to qualify as a ‘gamer’ according to my brother. (rolls eyes). I’m not complaining.
OK, we are back. He says, ‘let’s play FIFA’ and of all the games I enjoy playing, I avoid FIFA. I don’t like it and I don’t play it. My brother knows this so naturally I refuse but he keeps going on and on about it so I’m like, yeah okay, what’s the big deal. We sit down pick teams. I choose Man U since I’m a fan (I’ve been a fan since secondary school. No particular reason just went with the flow then and stuck with it). Blah blah blah match starts. I’m here pressing random buttons like the amateur that I am and the next thing I know, ‘Gooooooaaaaaal!!!’ I just scored to my utter shock and amazement. I laugh and scream, my brother’s expression turns sullen. He doesn’t even let me watch the replay. Lol. Back to the main match. Few minutes in, ‘Gooooooaaaaaal!’ I score again! Yup, I am as shocked and surprised as you. I look at my brother and laugh so hard. I tell him, ‘I won’t let it go if I win this match’. Some seconds later he scores and the match is over. I run around screaming like I just won the lottery. My brother requests for a rematch. I immediately turn him down. Why give the devil a chance right? I’m definitely hanging on to this victory! Ha! Ha! Ha!
So that’s that for now. Until my next post.
Sayonara 🙂

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  1. Man I hate that moment when an amateur whoops your ass in a game you're good at like FIFA 😠😬

  2. Lol. I wouldn't know how that feels. 😀

  3. Thank you for whooping his ass….teach him a lesson to not disturb u n ur goodluck

  4. Lol! Yes o! Thanks jare

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