Comedy Drama

Sibling Rivalry

I’m sure growing up, we’ve all had those moments where our mothers would buy something special out of the blue, you know, those really rare moments. That’s when you’ll ask God why you weren’t born first. Years of waking up early to sweep, clean, cook and wash. Years of investing in your father’s house will disappear like the stars during the day. Your senior brother or sister will finally remember their position in the family and claim the right to share the ‘rare goods’. We all know why they do this and you can’t complain because you know compared to you the devil is learning work. That’s my lot as the baby of the house.

I was in my room one day when the spirit of God directed me to the kitchen to check on my siblings (it’s survival of the sharpest in my house). I get there to see them munching on some slices of paw-paw. I immediately rush to the plate to grab what I can only to see a small piece left. Beggars can’t be choosers, so I quickly ate the last piece. Some minutes later my mom comes to the kitchen asking who finished the paw-paw. You can imagine how shocked I was when I heard my name. Me! That ate one tiny piece! I stood there bewildered. How did I finish the paw-paw? I just ate one small piece. But you finished the paw-paw came my brother’s reply. How? I asked again, not fully grasping. My family friend was kind enough to explain to me that since I took the last piece, I finished the paw-paw. Realization hit me like a bucket of ice water. They all laughed, my mom as well. There wasn’t much I could do but from that day I decided, I will never ‘finish’ the paw-paw again! 

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  1. 😂😂 nice piece!! More!! Keep em coming.

  2. Thanks Martin. I'll try to continu

  3. Lol. You got me all cracked up

  4. My pleasure 😀

  5. Lol….😂😂😂..nice one

  6. Lol….😂😂😂..nice one

  7. Lol, I know that feeling. For me I would wish I had a big cut so I could proudly accept I finished the paw paw.

  8. Exactly Ooo!

  9. Wicked siblings……


  10. Lol. I can drink to that!

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