Christian Poetry

That Special Book

There was once a wealthy man who loved to read
He would carry his books everywhere he pleased
However there was one he loved best
A book truly set apart from the rest
The Bible was this special book
You don’t believe me? Just take a look
He stayed true to its teachings day and night
Especially when the stars shone so bright
Then one particular thing did happen
This wealthy man found himself lacking
His wealth was gone, his friends left too
And he discarded the book he loved so true
He cursed and vexed and blamed his ill luck
And said to himself, ‘life indeed sucks’.
The months rolled by and then the years
The once wealthy man lived life in tears
As he opened his drawer to see what was left
He saw his beloved book, ridden by pests
He dusted and cleaned and read it anew
Overcome with emotions the tears did spew
He regretted his ways and turned back to God
Decided anew never to depart from His word
He resumed his routine, devoted to His book
And a few weeks was indeed all that it took
His wealth did return, a thousand folds more

With God he did dwell now and forevermore. 

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  1. Everyone has that special book in their lives which we neglect but always comes back to it…. Nice post

  2. Thanks dear. Really nice way of putting it 🙂

  3. Rily good….😁…nice work

  4. Rily good….😁…nice work

  5. Thanks 🙂

  6. Nice poem really.

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  8. I love this, i would need you towrite for me though

  9. Good message. Do not depart from your maker.

  10. Thanks JayChioma 🙂

  11. Sure. You know how to reach me.thanks

  12. Wow, im
    thrilled, good job

  13. Thanks dear

  14. Hmm, am speechless but honestly this is the fourth time in 2days am being told about this book. Time to go find it.

  15. I think I have that special book and it stares at me everyday cos its on my bedpost but I'm too distracted not to notice it 😩😞

  16. You just have to go back it. Everyday, you got to try. 🙂

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