Page 2: Escape

After the anxiety had passed, Linda came out of the toilet stall, luckily, she was alone. A wave of relief came over her. She had at least saved herself from further embarrassment. As she walked quickly towards the sink facing the toilet stall to wash her hands and touch up her make up, She was shocked by her reflection in the mirror. Bloodshot eyes framed in a pale face stared back at her. ‘is this really me?’ she asked no one in particular, barely able to recognize herself. Already feeling the hot sting of tears as she shook her head, Linda screamed, ‘I can’t do this!’ she glanced around frantically, and that’s when she saw it, an open window.

Twenty minutes later, Jack was still seated  at his table. Everyone’s attention had already shifted to their individual dinners and dates, but Jack still felt very uncomfortable. The blue velvet box which contained the engagement ring had long since been tucked into his suit jacket pocket. Even the waiter, reading the atmosphere, had finally left him to his thoughts. He glanced impatiently at his watch, it had been a full minute since he last checked it. His focus moved back to the door of the ladies room as if willing it to swing open and his beloved to walk out like she didn’t just wring his heart dry but alas that was not so. 
Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore, he called for a waitress and asked her to please check the ladies room for his beloved. It was the longest two minutes of his life. Even as the waitress told him what his heart already knew he felt sick to his stomach.

Jack hurriedly paid the bill. ‘She couldn’t have gone far on heels’, he said to himself as he ran out the restaurant door. 

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