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Vicious Cycle

We all complain about our government. How they steal money, pervert justice, lie etc. And I totally agree. It’s horrible and at the end, we, the people, suffer. But let’s look at it this way, if you were in such position, would you do things differently? Let me give an example:
I was fortunate to attend a boarding school. I use the word ‘fortunate’ because of the ‘skills’ I acquired by schooling there. For those of us also ‘fortunate’ like me, will definitely understand.
The skills acquired include but are not limited to,
1. Dodging generally
2. Pit toilet pounding
3. Dustbin pushing
4. Charcoal iron cooking
5. 10minutes bath/dress up
6. Eating while running
7. Faking illness
And the list goes on and on… but that’s a story for another day 😀
There was however a particular incident where the water in the tap was about to finish, it was almost dropping. I still had hope since I was the second person in the line but those hopes were quickly dashed when an SS3 student came to the tap with 7 buckets! I kid you not, 7! I don’t know if she was also fetching for her future generations. Mtcheeew. Normally, as juniors, we would suck it up and wait but that day we just couldn’t. ‘Senior please, water has almost finished’, we pleaded feebly. She just looked at us and replied, ‘My seniors then did it to me so it’s my turn’. What could we do, we closed our mouths before problem will come. What she said, however, stuck with me all these years. To her, she was justified just because the same thing was done to her and after suffering then it’s finally her turn to enjoy at the detriment of others. So instead of doing things differently after knowing the pain, she continued the vicious cycle.

I doubt I’m any different. I learnt my cousin attends the same boarding school I attended and according to him the place is now much better. I know I’m supposed to be happy but a part of me was pissed that he didn’t suffer like I did. That’s the problem. Unless we honestly decide to make a difference, no matter how much we complain, nothing will change and the vicious cycle will continue. 

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  1. Lol… It's true but then there are a few good eggs, and they just don't want to be involved in politics. Nice one, Kiva

  2. That's very true, although you don't need to be involved in politics to make a difference. Thanks 😀

  3. That was my boarding house experience too.

    I'd like to say I was much better when I became a senior.

    Well, I sure can say it :D.

  4. That's cool. I definitely can say it! : D

  5. Exactly! We need to break the cycle. We need to change our thinking capacity and capability and make a difference in our own sphere of life no matter how little.

  6. Exactly! We need more people to get motivated. And work hard for a better world. : D

  7. The change in quote should start from us

  8. It really should.

  9. This is soooo true! We should be the change we want to see in the world. Wonderful writeup. 👍🏽

  10. Thanks so much dear.

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