The Witching Hour

Amy woke up with a start, her breathing heavy. She touched her neck and sighed with relief, the dream she had had felt so real that she could literally feel the blade at her neck. Her nightgown, although of a light material was completely soaked with sweat, her pillow as well and despite the cool night breeze that came with rain, the beads of sweat continued to fall.
Amy heard a loud sound that seemed to come from downstairs. She immediately put on her bedroom light and checked the clock, it was 3am. Fear held her in place but the need for protection got her scanning her bedroom for a weapon of some sort. Her eyes finally settled on an umbrella leaning against her closet door.
Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!
Amy almost jumped out of her skin. The fear alone almost gave her a heart attack. At this point she regretted not taking up her friend’s offer about going for a party, at least by now she would have been passed out on her friend’s sofa and not frozen in fear on her bed. There was no time for regrets, she thought to herself as she quickly got out of bed, before she lost her nerve, and grabbed the umbrella.

‘OK Amy, there’s nothing to fear. There are a number of reasons why you heard that loud sound. No need to conjure up random scary thoughts. You’re 35 and too old to still believe in ghosts and the paranormal’.

The pep talk calmed her racing heart a bit as she put on the light for the stairs and walked down. When she got to the last stair, she put on the parlour light and that’s when she noticed the front door was wide open and the floor was wet. She saw the broken flower pot and realised that must have been what caused the noise she heard earlier. She swore to herself. She must have forgotten to lock the door and the wind pushed it open which then knocked down the flower pot. That was the only logical explanation and she refused to let her mind to consider what had caused the second noise. Her grip on the umbrella relaxed. She went to the door to lock it and then go back to bed when she saw it. A huge figure entirely black and almost reaching the ceiling, the only colour it had were its two yellowish-green eyes that were fixed intensely at her. She screamed. The lights went off. Amy swung the umbrella recklessly. It connected with something and she ran for her dear life, unfortunately, she didn’t go far. The figure had grabbed her by her long weave which had managed to come free from her hairnet in her panic. The last thing Amy remembered were two yellowish-green eyes that never blinked and the thought that dreams actually do come true as she felt the cold hard steel slice her throat. 

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  1. Hmm mm… Scary…. I feel like watching a horror movie😉

  2. Lol. I know ba. Thanks 😀

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