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Moonlight Tales

I’m sure it’ll take a while before I ever forget the childhood tales and codes passed down to us from our seniors. Tales to which we know not of its origins but were hammered into our heads as we progressed from Primary to Secondary school, before the maturity of University had us focused more on good grades, money and life.
I’ve compiled a list of some the ones I can remember, feel free to add any you feel is missing in the comment section.

  1. Lady Koi Koi is real.
  2. Lady Koi Koi is ubiquitous, meaning she has found a way to exist in every secondary school.
  3. Every Secondary School was built either on a burial ground or evil forest.
  4. Any sound heard at night is from bush baby.
  5. Writing someone’s name with red pen is a big taboo. It means the person is either dead or will be soon.
  6. Never ever call your mate by their surname.
  7. Sweeping the floor at night means you are sweeping away your destiny or your family’s wealth.
  8. Sneezing means someone is called your name somewhere.
  9. If you go to the market at night and you look between your legs while you bend down, you’ll see people walking without legs. Floating.
  10. Lady Koi Koi once slapped a girl and she became mad.
  11. If you look back while walking in the market at night, a spirit will slap you.
  12. ‘Tumbo tumbo baskalaba’ is the best way to know who polluted the air.
  13. If you ‘chook’ a broomstick under a person’s jaw and it falls off almost immediately the person is a liar.
  14. To cure hiccups, pull out a single piece of thread from the cloth you’re putting on and place it on your head.
  15. Winch is a Nigerian Witch.
  16. Willy Willy that was killed and came back to life to haunt his family.   Lol. I remember a song that goes, Willy Willy don die Oooo, na who kill am? na nchelle kill am, clap for nchelle, pam pam pam pam pam pam. Then someone says, ‘So you’re clapping for a murderer’. 
From My Secondary School
  1. Once, a skeleton rang the rising bell.
  2. In Jss1, my set and the set after we’re terrorized by, a yellow hand. Yup. Just a hand that happened to be yellow.

What are your own secondary school tales? 

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