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Like Riding A Bike

I remember the first time I learnt how to ride a bicycle. Nah, don’t go all, ‘awwwww’ on me. It didn’t happen while I was a kid. I watched my brother fall off of his bicycle so many times while learning how to ride as a kid that I decided not to learn. It wasn’t really because of the numerous injuries that decorated his fair legs but mostly because I laughed at him so hard that I knew, even as a kid that karma was a bitch and would be out for blood.

Fast forward to my third year in university. Riding bicycles became a sudden trend. Seeing people enjoy it made the adventurer in me tingle with anticipation. Yeah yeah, I know you’re thinking, it’s not an adventure, blah blah blah but to me, it was equivalent to getting on top of a mechanical bull. My gist! 😛

There and then, I decided it was time to plead for forgiveness from karma and finally learn how to ride. Sigh. I must say, that Karma blocked her ears like a screaming toddler. I must say that although I fell so much, I guess my pleas were heard in a way cause I only had a scratch on my leg despite falling off again and again. As for laughs, I got that in abundance from people watching me learn. There were people who laughed so hard that one even told me I was doing, ‘Stations of the Bicycle’. (It was Lenten period). I was jeered at, told to, ‘Go inside!’ But the one thing I never did was stop learning. Few hours later, those same people that laughed and jeered at me, started encouraging me, (one even met me and said he admired my guts!) and before I knew it I could ride well!

The experience taught me something important, in life, you’ll be met with obstacles, some self generated, others from people and circumstances around you but once your eyes remain on the goal, those obstacles will turn in your favor and become building blocks. As they laughed, the one thought that kept running through my head was that I’m doing this for me. They’ll laugh for a day, but I’ll have this particular skill for life. Most times, our dreams and goals are so big that they can’t be understood by other people even our best friends and family but that doesn’t matter and shouldn’t matter as long as it’s what you want to do. It is your dream not theirs, work towards it like hell and they’ll come around.

Just remember to never quit. If I had quit when they laughed at me, I’m 100% sure that to this day, I’ll still be unable to ride a bicycle but due to strong will and perseverance i was able to keep moving forward.

Have a blessed day peeps!
Mark 10: 46-52 is a perfect example of this.

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