‘Have you checked?! Result is out! Check yours and call me back with the good news! I passed and congratulations in advance!’

Biola my roommate in Law School called me to tell me that our result, our Bar finals results were finally out. After two months of living in a state of limbo.
Not up to two minutes later, I got a message from Biola, she sent me the link and added kissy face emoji. Lol. She has always had a perky personality. I click on the link and it opens.
                      Exam Number:
The reality of the situation hits me hard. I type in the required information and submit.
What. No. It can’t be. My phone begins to ring, it’s Biola. I decline the call. I reload the page and type in the information again. Fail. This can’t be happening. My vision blurs and two large tears drop on my phone screen.
‘This can be happening! This can’t be happening!! Noooo!!! After everything! After every freaking thing!’
‘God why?! Why do you hate me?! Why?!’
The phone rings again but I fling it away. I fall on the floor and weep.
It’s never easy when you work hard for something but don’t get the desired results. Law School is a 9month program, 7 months for late arrivals and for really late arrivals as low as 6 or 5months, where we are taught courses that are supposed to make us fit and proper for the practice of the legal profession in Nigeria. It’s a program where you are graded by the least score you had in any course. Basically if you had 4A’s and 1F you have a conditional pass and have to rewrite the one you failed but if you fail two courses you have to rewrite all 5 courses(each course has a price) and no matter what you score on paper, you graduate with a Pass.
Like I said earlier, it’s never easy. When you see that F, that grade that shows you the standard the world has set for you, it is paramount for us all know that that standard, is the world’s standard and it doesn’t in any way define you. It’s extremely important for us to know this. God’s standard is what is important. I know because I’m speaking from experience. I know what it means to fail and see your mates move on and move forward in the level of life, I know what it means to feel so sad and depressed, as if God has abandoned you but you know what? He hasn’t and He never will.
Romans 8:28 says, ‘all things work for good for all those who love God, all those who have been called according to His purpose.
He said ‘all’ things not some, not few but all. Whatever grade you see, whatever letter or word or number you see on any paper, site or certificate isn’t who or what you are. God has a purpose for each and everyone of us and He said His plans for us are of good and not of evil. Whatever you see, whether you worked your ass off or you just relaxed through out, it’s for a reason. Do not for any reason let the devil take away your happiness. Once you’ve done your best, you’ve worked your hardest and still you don’t get what you desire, just know that God has bigger plans for you. Plans that neither you nor Nigerian Law School nor friends or family nor anybody can see at the moment. You may not know it now but when you finally do, you’ll thank God for the right now, you’ll thank God for the F, you’ll laugh at how miserable you felt and finally see the bigger picture.
So my friends, people, everyone who has experienced failure in one way or the other or may in future, just know that God has bigger plans for you. All you need to do is ask Him for courage and grace to stay strong until the very end.
I dedicate this post to all those who failed or had Conditional pass in the Bar Finals exam. Stay strong, God knows best.

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