‘I wasn’t always like this you know. I tried my very best to be good but, it was just so easy. You all made it so easy.’
He bent his head, resting it on the steering wheel.
‘I remember my first time.’

He was resting on the car seat now. Eyes closed, lips upturned in excitement at the memory.

‘It was glorious. Do you know what it means to have someone under you? To feel a person pulse and jerk under you. To have them stare straight at you with wide eyes.’

There was visible bulge at the front of his trouser.

‘It’s like hot sex. If not better. I always cum when I’m done.’

He sighed deeply and slowly the bulge disappeared beneath his trousers.

‘The first time I did it I was scared, frightened but at the same time I felt exhilarated, excited. I knew immediately I had found my calling. All my years as an Anatomist shaped me and led me to this.’

He paused for a while, his brows furrowed as if in deep thought.

‘People usually say, “if it doesn’t scare you, if your dream doesn’t scare and excite you, then you need a bigger dream” my dream scared the hell out of me and implementing it, I am at my happiest.’

He opened his eyes. They stared straight ahead without particularly looking at anything.

‘After my first, I had a second and third. Unfortunately, girls became harder to come by. More difficult. I needed a platform, an easier way to be able to move around and at the same time blend in. It was a challenge but I finally found it. I went through the whole process of getting a car, registering it before I could continue my line of work. I’m not a greedy person, the pay is good and I always treat my customers well whenever I am done. I always leave them with a gift. Something for people to remember me by.’

He turned to his right and smiled. Then faced front again.

‘Since then, I’ve handled over a dozen girls. All beautiful, dark skinned, between the ages of 20 to 28. Life has been sweet and I’m happy. That’s what’s important right Chidiogo?’

He turned to Chidiogo who was seated beside him. Her eyes unblinking, mouth agape. There were bruises around her neck. He brought up one gloved hand and caressed the side of her cheeks. Gently touching the now dark purple marks on her neck.

‘It always pains me when I have to mar the flawless skin of my customers.’ He sighed. ‘Every job comes with its hazards. This is the hazard of mine.’

He glanced at his wrist watch which he always wore on his right hand. It was 2:15 am.

‘It’s time.’

His eyes suddenly took on a serious look as he went to work. Like a prized doll, he picked up Chidiogo’s left hand and with a tiny hammer which he kept at his feet, cracked the wrist watch. It stopped at exactly 2:15am. Then, with patience, precision and skill, he deftly carved with a tiny knife, the letters VIM. After doing that, he opened the passenger door, got out through his and then carried Chidiogo out of the passenger seat and into a black body bag, making sure to leave out her left hand which held her wrist watch and the carved letters and then dropped her body at the side of the road. Satisfied with his work, he bent down caressed her face through the body bag.

‘Till we meet again.’
He then checked his wristwatch, it was 3:30 am.
‘Just in time.’ He said to himself before walking towards his car and driving off.
Breaking News: The Uber Serial Killer also known as U.S.K. Strikes again!!! Early this morning, 24 years old Chidiogo Ononuju was found dead by the side of the road. Cause of death is strangulation. Time of death hasn’t been determined but we know it’s the U.S.K. Because of the clues he always leaves behind; a cracked wrist watch that always stops at 2:15 and the markings VIM. His victims have always been ladies ranging between the ages of 20 – 28. There have been reports of a black car leaving the scene of the crime at specific hours of the morning just before the bodies are found. So far, there are no new leads but…
He turned off the television set, cutting off the voice of the news reporter and smiled.
‘At this rate they’ll never catch me.’
Then he frowned a little. ‘Maybe I should drop more clues, after all, where’s the fun without a little challenge.’
Then he relaxed on his couch to enjoy his breakfast of fried eggs with bread and coffee before beginning his day.

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  1. Every serial killer wants to be caught…

  2. True. It’s like a game to them

  3. I don't why … but this reminds me of the Forseyth's "Kill List"- it isn't on same subject though. Well done dear

    1. Kiva says:

      Thanks. I haven’t read that book. I’ll check it out.

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