The Affair

1. The Affair

The Affair
There’s an old saying that goes ‘The grass is always greener on the other side.’ But I’m of the opinion that you wouldn’t even know if it were grass, sand or a pile of garbage on the other side if you never took a peek in the first place.

‘Hey babe.’ A topless Kosi greeted Eva with a kiss on her cheek as he opened the door for her to enter inside. ‘How was work at the law firm today?’
‘Ugh! Hectic as usual. Remember that client I told you about, the one that had uhm… that land that he claims his uncle ‘allegedly’ stole from him.’
She walked and talked. Taking off one heeled shoe after the other.
‘He had the nerve, the effrontery, to offer me 500 Naira as appearance fee. Can you imagine?! Five years of University, one year of law school and One year bagging a Masters in International and Maritime Law for someone, one yeye guy from nowhere to offer me 500 Naira as appearance fee! Ah! My God will judge him! ASUU strike him there!’
‘Babe, come and taste the Beans if it’s ok.’
Eva had changed from her trouser suit to a large T-shirt when she was out of their room. Her face free of every makeup from the day. She leaned on the kitchen door frame, hands folded, looking at Kosi as he blew on the spoon and brought it to her lips.
‘Did you even hear what I said?’
‘Of course I did. I’m not deaf you know.’
Eva rolled her eyes at him. ‘You’re supposed to contribute man! Contribute!’
‘Amadioha strike him as well. Now come, I want to be sure I didn’t put too much salt.’
Surrendering, she let her hands fall to her side and looked up. ‘You’re exasperating! You know that?’
‘I love you too babe.’ He said this as she opened her mouth to taste the food. It was delicious.
‘What’s the occasion? You usually don’t cook.’
‘Well, I came back early and felt it would be nice to spoil you for a change.’
There was an evil glint in her eyes he recognised too well.
‘Nope. Nope. Don’t even think it. Whatever is cooking up in that brain of yours, don’t even say it. Don’t think it. Let it die a natural death.’
‘Come on babe, do it for me.’
Eva kept moving closer and closer towards Kosi until he was trapped between the kitchen cabinets and her.
‘Babe, don’t do this.’
‘Do what? Hmmm…’
She casually brought one palm, placing it on his stomach and slowly sliding it upwards to cup his face. Then she brought her lips to his ear and with the softest whisper said, ‘What?.’
Kosi felt his entire body tingle, he knew he was losing it.
‘Come on.’ Kosi said, he could barely recognise his voice. It came out strained.
‘Oh, you want me to come on? Ok.’ With the agility of a cat, she raised one leg and hooked it behind him, sliding it down ever so slowly. She felt Kosi’s hand halt its movement downwards and position it at his waist. Their faces were a breath apart. Their lips almost touching. Eva parted her lips and in a deliberate movement, licked her lips.
Kosi followed every movement with his eyes, unable to look away especially now that he didn’t want to. ‘This woman would be the death of him.’ He thought to himself.
With her palm still cupping his face, she turned his ear towards her lips and whispered, ‘More salt.’ Before reaching for the salt container on the shelf above them.
‘What just happened?’ Kosi asked dazed.
‘The beans needs more salt.’
‘You know what I mean.’ He said pointing at the obvious bulge at the front of his shorts.
‘Oh baby. It means I won.’
Eva threw back her head and laughed. It was a beautiful sound, Kosi never grew tired of hearing it, especially the way she smiled afterwards. He shook his head. ‘All this effort just so I’ll cook dinner more often?’
‘Oh my dear husband, all is fair in love and war.’ She said kissing him on his cheek but Kosi didn’t let her escape. It was his turn to have his own fun. He held her tightly against him, making sure she felt the pressure between her thighs, then he carried her, instinctively, her legs wrapped around his waist for balance and he kissed her. A kiss filled with love and passion to come.
It ended as abruptly as it began, leaving Eva a little out of sorts.
‘That, is payback… and a down payment.’ He said smiling. ‘Right now, we need to eat before we completely let loose.’
Eva walked to the pot with unsteady legs and took out a small portion to eat. Kosi took some as well and they sat down to eat as they watched (R.E.D) Retired and Extremely Dangerous on TV.
‘You’ll never guess who I met today.’ Eva said, about 25 minutes into the movie, her eyes bright with excitement.
Kosi focused his attention on her, wondering who she saw that got her this excited.
‘What’s the point of telling you to guess if you don’t guess?’
‘Babe, come on. Just tell me.’
‘Fine. But only because you made dinner. It’s Chukwuebuka.’
‘Which Chukwuebuka?’
‘Chukwuebuka now.’
‘Repeating his name won’t make me know who you’re talking about.’
‘The one I told you I had a crush on in secondary school.’
‘That travelled to Spain and you lost touch with?’

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