The Affair

6. The Affair

The Affair
For every relationship, communication is key, trust, its door. Hurtful actions done willingly, knowingly or thoughtlessly, the battering ram to that door.

‘Babe! Babe! Are you ok?’
A breathless Kosi ran into Eva’s office. He looked wild as he pulled her to him in a fierce hug, as though realising something, he kept her at arm’s length, scanning her body with his eyes, before hugging her again once he was satisfied. Someone cleared his throat and Kosi’s attention was brought to the man seated on a chair facing Eva’s desk.

‘Hey hun. Is there any problem? You look like you ran all the way here.’ Eva said noting his loose tie, folded sleeves and sweat soaked shirt.
Kosi’s attention moved back to Eva.

‘We were talking on the phone then I heard a scream and nothing more. I imagined the worst and came to find you.’ He cupped her left cheek, his eyes softening. ‘I know how absorbed you sometimes get while making calls. It’s as if you turn off the part of your brain that makes you aware of your surrounding.’

‘I’m sorry I made you worry.’
Kosi hugged her to him and held her there, like he wanted to assure himself that she’s real, that she’s with him.

‘Don’t you even do that to me. Ever. I don’t know what I would do if I ever lost you.’
Gently, with one arm still around her, he bent down and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. ‘I’m sorry for interrupting your meeting.’ He added, his attention back to the man sitting.

‘No worries, I can see you love your wife deeply.’

Kosi looked him over, ‘I see I’m at a disadvantage here. You are…?’ He asked extending his right hand towards him.
The man smiled. ‘I’m…’
‘Ebuka. Chukwuebuka. Remember? My classmate who I bumped into yesterday.’ Eva finished. She felt uncomfortable being in the same room with Ebuka and Kosi but couldn’t place why.
Kosi looked at Ebuka then Eva, his hand dropping back to his side.

‘He saved me. If not for him, you’ll probably… no, most likely be visiting me in the hospital and not my office right now.’
Kosi said nothing in response. Eva watched the two men, they seemed to be in a mind game, assessing each other and speaking with their eyes. She could easily tell that Kosi was upset but Ebuka, he seemed so calm and reserved sitting on the chair. It drove her mad with curiosity.

‘Thank you for saving my wife.’ He stressed the ‘wife’.
‘My pleasure.’ Replied Ebuka, ‘I was just at the right place, at the right time.’ as though saving people were a day to day task.

Kosi nodded his head in approval.

‘Babe, what’s that on your table?’ Kosi asked, his eyes never leaving Ebuka’s.
Eva swallowed. ‘It’s a… it’s a new phone hun.’

‘You already got yourself a new phone?’

‘Well… I…’

‘I got it.’

Kosi’s arm tightened around her. She placed her right hand on his face, trying to bring his attention back to her but his gaze remained fixed on Ebuka.

‘Can you please explain why you got my wife a phone.’
Ebuka returned his stare, unblinking.
‘Because she needed one and I could afford it.’

It was unmistakable. The aura of affluence and power surrounded him and for a brief moment, Kosi entertained doubts. Finally facing Eva, he released her from his hold and kissed her cheek.

‘I need to get back to work. I’ll see you when I get home. I thank God you’re safe.’

Then he turned away and walked out of the door.

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