The Affair

7. The Affair

The Affair
There’s a common saying that goes, ‘It takes two to tango,’ but we often forget the third person waiting in the background to cut in.

‘Hey babe. How was work?’
Kosi said turning away from the TV to greet Eva.

‘It was tiring but good. The traffic was hellish as usual.’ She replied, checking her wristwatch. It was 11:00pm  

‘It’s times like this I’m grateful my office isn’t so far from our house.’ Kosi answered. His attention back to the TV.

Eva stood at the door, looking at him. She knew for a fact that Kosi was still very upset with her over the events of that afternoon but it unnerved her the way he conversed, avoiding the issue and focusing on the TV instead.
Kosi has always been the calm and collected one while she, the emotional and fiery one.
She continued to stare at the back of his head as if willing him to talk back but he remained silent. It drove her mad.

‘I’m going to change.’
‘Ok babe.’

Eva moved passed him on the couch and stopped at the door.

‘Won’t you call me back?’
‘Why?’ Kosi asked turning to look at her.
She couldn’t answer.
‘Is there something on your mind?’
‘Why’re you torturing me like this? You know what happened this afternoon is bothering me.’
‘Oh, is it? Why?’
‘You know why.’
‘Babe, we both know I’m not a mind reader.’ He stood up from the couch and sat on its arm, his hands crossed. ‘Why is it bothering you?’ Kosi continued looking at her.
‘I… I don’t know.’ She said avoiding his gaze as she rubbed her left hand, squirmish.

Kosi sighed as he uncrossed his arms and walked towards Eva. When he got to her, he held her arms and rubbed them.

‘Why does it bother you?’

She refused to look at him. He calmly shifted her face towards his. Her eyes were shimmering with unshed tears.

‘Babe. Talk to me.’

‘I… I thought… I feel… you know Ebuka and then…’
She brought her head down.

‘You need to be open with me. That’s the only way this relationship, us, can actually work. The fact that you expect me to be upset with you or even that it’s bothering you means you did something you feel you shouldn’t have.’

Softly, his hands loosened around her arm and slid down to settle on her hands.


He pulled her towards the couch with him and sat on it placing her on his laps.

‘Now let it out.’ He said kissing her cheeks.

The tears came now, slowly.

‘I know I shouldn’t have allowed him to buy me that phone. I knew I should have rejected his offer no matter how innocent it may seem.’ There was a short pause. ‘And I feel his intentions may not be that innocent.’

Kosi said nothing and just held her to himself.

‘I can’t control people’s reaction towards you. After all, I can’t blame anyone for falling for you. You’re amazing.’
She was looking at him now. Their faces a hair’s breadth away.
‘And killing them for those reactions is a crime.’ He said cupping her cheeks. She couldn’t suppress the laugh that bubbled out.
‘What’s important to me and to our relationship is that we trust each other enough. I have to be honest with you. When I entered your office and you told me he was the Ebuka you told me about the other night. I was upset. When he mentioned that he was the one that got you that phone, the latest Samsung Galaxy phone. I was flat out pissed. I hated him at that moment.’
He paused, his eyes seemed to take on a serious look.

‘Eva. I love you and you know I love you but I won’t ever for any reason share you with any living soul. I believe you’re smart enough to know when a man is putting moves on you and at the same time know how to make it clear to him that you have no interest in him.’

Kosi removed Eva from his lap.

‘Your dinner is in the microwave. I’m off to bed.’

Then he stood up from the couch and left Eva on the couch with her thoughts.

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