The Affair

8. The Affair

The Affair
In moments of difficulty, we are spurred into making decisions that’ll affect the course of our lives, negatively or positively. The choice remains ours.

Eva sat cross arms in her office, staring at the Samsung Galaxy laying in front of her on her desk like a disease. The event of last night kept replying like a bad movie over and over and over again. Kosi had been civil, replying when necessary and not saying before leaving for work this morning, earlier than usual. She knew he was still very upset with her and she hated it.
Finally, she grabbed the phone, a bit apprehensive and tense as she dialled a number.

‘Eva.’ Ebuka answered, he picked after the first ring.
‘Good morning, I just…’
‘Good morning to you too. I trust you had a good night’s’ rest.’
‘Yeah I did but…’
‘But what? Hope the phone isn’t too difficult to configure. I did the much I could before your husband whooshed in.’
He made a whooshing sound with his mouth which made Eva laugh, tension easing.
‘He did kind of whoosh into the office didn’t he?’
‘Yes o! I tried so hard not to laugh.’
‘Uhm, yeah, about that…’ Eva began, feeling the nerves return in full force. ‘…uhhh… Ebuka, I need you to stop…’
‘Hold that thought, I’m not too far from your office, I’ll just drop by and we can finish this discussion face to face and maybe finish configuring your phone. Is that ok?’
‘Yeah. I guess.’
‘Ok. See you soon.’

The line went dead.
Eva stared at the phone incredulously. What just happened? She had called to make everything clear. To tell Ebuka that she appreciates everything he has done for her but she loves her husband very much and the new life she has with him and he needs to respect that but now he’s coming over? To her office? No! No! This can’t work.
She tried calling his number again. Not reachable. She sighed. Maybe it’s better this way. Face to face the message will be clearer, have more effect.

‘I need to prepare myself mentally.’
Eva leaned on her chair, playing different scenarios and wondering which was best to confront Ebuka with and make him understand. She got up from her desk and started pacing her office when an idea wasn’t forthcoming.

‘The thing is, I love my husband deeply. I know you care about me a lot and I do too but it’s just …’
‘So you do care about me?
Eva turned sharply towards the voice, causing her to bump her left foot into the Visitor’s chair facing her desk.
Ebuka smirked at her. He was leaning on the slab of her office door, his arms folded as he watched her struggle.
‘You’re such a klutz.’

He said laughing at her as he walked into her office and closed the door behind him.
Eva was sitting on the visitor’s chair, nursing her throbbing toe. She refused to look up at Ebuka even as he came closer to her.
He bent down and picked up her foot.

‘It’s fine, don’t worry. It doesn’t hurt as much.’ Eva said trying to remove her foot from his gentle hands.
‘Really? Then it shouldn’t hurt when I do this.’ He pinched her big toe and watched her wince in pain.
‘I’m no doctor but I’m sure that’s not “fine”.’
‘Do you have something I could use to massage it?’
‘Ebuka, I don’t think…’
‘Eva, it’s just a foot massage. I’m not saying you should have sex with me.’

Eva gasped, she wished she could just disappear.

‘I didn’t mean it that way!’
‘It’s fine. Just give me something to massage it with.’ He said, pulling her chair towards him to enable him sit facing her.

Staying her protest, she grabbed her bag which was on her table and taking out a small container of ‘Robb’, handed it over to him. She watched him lift her left foot and place it on his lap as he gently worked the Robb into her throbbing skin.

‘What were you trying to tell me over the phone?’ He asked, his attention on her foot. Eva was glad he wasn’t looking at her, he would have noticed her uneasiness.
‘It’s too much. The phone everything.’
She winced when he touched a sore spot before continuing. ‘You’re very sweet and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me but I think it’s best if we don’t see as much.’

Ebuka was remained silent, concentrating on her sore foot. When he was done, he held her foot in place for a while and looked at her.

‘What are you scared of?’
‘I’m not scared of anything.’ Eva answered. Surprised at his question.
‘Then why are you running away from me? All the times we’ve met have been coincidental except today. You needed a phone and I got one for you. Isn’t that what friends do? Help each other out?’

Eva didn’t know how to respond to this.
‘It’s your husband isn’t it? You really shouldn’t let people control you.’
He placed her foot on the floor and pulled her chair closer to him, locking eyes with her.
‘If you want me to leave you alone that’s fine, I’ll do that but it has to be what you want. Is that what you want or what Kosi wants?’

Eva said nothing, shocked by his words. ‘I want Ebuka out of my life. Right?’

‘You have to understand this Eva. Tú eres mi sol y quiero tú.’

Eva blinked repeatedly, unable to process what he had just said as she struggled out of her thoughts.

‘Did you just speak Spanish?’
. Yes.’
‘You know I don’t understand a word you said.’
Ebuka smiled. ‘.’

Then he pushed her away from him, got up and walked towards the door. Eva had to hold on to her table to avoid rolling to the wall.
‘I’m sure Kosi will be able to configure the phone for you.’ He said without turning, before finally leaving her office.

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