The Affair

10. The Affair

The Affair
Pain is a must. It’s an intricate part of life. Whether it be physical, emotional, mental or financial. But why oh why must the deepest pain be caused by the ones we love the most?

How did I get myself into this? Eva asked herself as she looked across the table from Ebuka. She bent her head and tried to think up any way at all to escape.

‘We have other lawyers who are far more capable than I to handle your matter…’
‘I want you.’ Ebuka cut in.

She stared at him across the empty table, their orders yet to be placed.

‘Of all the law firms in Lagos, in Nigeria, heck you could even afford to fly one from any country to defend you, why did you have to pick the one I’m working for? Why?’

Ebuka relaxed on his chair, a warm smile on his face.

‘I have a vessel which I hired on a time chartered basis carrying a cargo of goods worth over €2,000,000 from Spain to Nigeria. Unfortunately, it collided with another Vessel while in transit. My people were able to save €650,000 worth of my Cargo but I lost the remaining. I’m currently in need of a Law Firm that specialises in Maritime and International Law. I noticed there aren’t many of such firms in Nigeria. You can’t imagine my joy when I found out that the firm my dearest crush works at has someone who not only is a badass lawyer but also graduated from one of the top 3 universities in the United Kingdom with a Masters degree in International and Maritime Law. Exactly what I need.’

Eva eased back into her chair. He made sense. It wasn’t just about her, he actually needed a lawyer that specialises in exactly what she studied. What are the odds?

‘Did I make my new lawyer speechless?’
‘No. No.’ She said a bit more forcefully. ‘How did you get the firm to assign me to you? I’m not trying to imply that I’m not assignable…’ She added almost immediately ‘… it’s just that I was already involved in a huge Merger before suddenly asked to hand over the files to another lawyer and then assigned to your case.’
‘I told your boss it’s either you or I take my money elsewhere.’
‘You see my dear, it just has to be you. It’s obvious you’re a necessity in my life.’

Eva shivered a bit at his last words, she didn’t want to think about it, she didn’t want to accept the nagging feeling at the back of her mind that there was a deeper meaning to it. She decided to see it and treat it as another job. The only problem, how would she break the news to an already worried Kosi.

‘Hey babe!’
Eva opened the door of their house and threw her arms around Kosi’s neck, before giving him a kiss on the cheek. ‘How was work?’

‘Fine. Wasn’t that busy today.’ Kosi answered. He dropped his bag on the floor and circled Eva’s waist with his arm. ‘Why are you home so early?’ He brought his forehead down to hers. ‘And what smells so good?’
His eyes closed on their own as he savoured the sweet smell wafting out of the kitchen.
Eva laughed, turning her back to him, with his arms still circling her waist, she led him into the kitchen.

‘I prepared your favourite yam and egg sauce.’

Kosi left Eva and walked to the cause of his sudden hunger. The sweet smelling aroma that assuaged his senses once he opened the pot cover almost broke him. As he was about dish some out for himself he stopped mid scoop.

‘You never answered my question. Why are you home so early?’
‘I was mostly free today.’ Eva answered with a shrug.

Kosi closed the pot and placed the plate on the kitchen table.

‘You cooked.’
‘Yeah I cooked. Captain Obvious. Did the pot of food give me away?’ She replied.
‘Don’t mess with me Eva. We both know you don’t like cooking and you went all out today, what’s going on?’

He called me ‘Eva’, he must be pissed. She thought to herself.

‘The thing is, Ebuka…’

At the mention of Ebuka’s name, Kosi closed his eyes and let out a sigh.

‘You know how I feel about him being around you.’
‘Yes I do and that’s why I didn’t want this.’
‘Then who did? What happened?’
‘I was assigned to work on his case.’ Eva answered. She hated seeing him upset.

‘Did it have to be you? Did it have to be your Law Firm?’
Kosi was leaning on the kitchen table now, his hands folded across his chest.

‘I didn’t have a choice. My boss assigned his case to me. I didn’t choose this.’
Kosi said nothing as he moved past her and out of the kitchen. Eva reached out to him but he moved out of the way.

‘Don’t Eva, just don’t.’

She watched him as he walked straight to their bedroom and slammed the door. Confused, Eva sat on the floor, unsure of what to do.

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