The Affair

11. The Affair

The Affair
For every Smoke, there’s a Fire.
For every Action, there’s a Reaction.
For every Cause, there’s an Effect.
For every Choice, there’s a Consequence.

‘I’ve been going over the documents you sent to me and those from your head office in Spain. I have a general idea of everything but I need to interview the crew especially the captain.’
‘You have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.’

Eva looked up from the documents on her office table and stared at Ebuka.

‘Your eyes, they’re really beautiful. If you were mine…’

He held her eyes for a few moments. ‘The Captain isn’t available at the moment but I’ll put you through to him once he is.’
‘Oh, uhh, yes. That would be very helpful.’ Eva said. She started arranging the documents to calm her mind.
Ebuka smiled.

‘Oh wow I didn’t realise it has gotten this late.’ Eva began as she glanced at her phone. ‘If you’re free, we can continue this tomorrow.’

She got up from her seat and started packing some documents into her briefcase. Ebuka remained seated.

‘Someone would think you’re scared of being alone with me.’

Eva stopped packing and looked at him.

‘What? Why would you even… you know what, think whatever. I’m out.’ Eva said as she finished packing her documents and started for the door. Ebuka got up and blocked her path.

‘It’s just 6:45pm, why are you in such a hurry to leave? You know you’ll just end up getting stuck in traffic.’
‘Yeah that’s true, but I can’t keep my husband waiting any longer.’ Eva pointed out. ‘In case you haven’t realised, I’m a married woman.’ She waved her left hand in front of him, showcasing the gold band around her middle finger. Ebuka grabbed her hand.

‘Don’t wave your hand at me!’
‘Ebuka, leave me alone! You need to leave!’
‘You don’t love him.’
‘What?! What are you saying?’
‘You’re there waving your wedding ring in my face, saying you want to go home to your husband but that’s not what you really want is it?’

Ebuka’s grip on her hand loosened a bit but he didn’t let go. He maintained eye contact with her.

‘All this…’ he said gesturing with his left hand, ‘… is just your brain trying to deny this strong attraction we feel towards each other.’

Eva’s jaw dropped. She stood speechless.

‘No. No! That’s not it. I… I love my husband.’ She said shaking her head and trying to back away but Ebuka wasn’t having it. He slowly closed the gap until she was in between him and her office table.

‘If you really love him like you claim, why’re you allowing me to touch you?’ He whispered in her ear as his hands circled her waist and lifted her on top of her desk.

Eva placed her two palms on his chest in an attempt to push him away.

‘Please Ebuka, just leave me alone.’
‘If you really love him, why are you wondering how your lips would feel against mine?’ He asked. His eyes were boring into hers.

Eva felt herself slipping. What would it feel like kissing him? Being kissed by him? She shivered.

‘We both want it desperately.’ Ebuka said with a smile. Their lips were so close. The slightest movement was all that was needed. Eva closed her eyes and held her breath. Her mind was swarming with thoughts of Ebuka. She felt his hands around her sides, going upwards before stopping just below her breasts.

When she finally opened her eyes, Ebuka was at the door.

‘Enjoy tonight with your husband. My gift to him.’ His eyes were cold as he said it. ‘From tomorrow…’ he continued, ‘…you’re mine. No breaks, no barriers, no more holding myself back. You are mine mí amor and I’ll have you. Fate brought us back together for a reason and I’m not one to reject a gift.’

After saying that, he opened the door and left a bewildered Eva on her office table.

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