Christian Comedy Drama


‘Eutychus! Eutychus!! Where in God’s’ name has that child run off to?’ Delphine called as she searched through the house.

She had sent him to get some flour to enable her bake bread. They got news that the great Apostle Paul was coming to Troas and she wanted them to have enough to eat while he preached.

Tired and impatient, she went to her neighbor’s house.

‘Apollo, have you seen Eutychus? I sent him to get some flour since the break of day and it’s almost sunset but he isn’t back.’
‘You know how dreamy your son gets. I’m sure he found some of his friends playing along the way and joined them.’ Apollo answered laughing at the worried look on Delphine’s face.
‘He can roll around in the hay with the camels for all I care. He better not enter my house without the flour!’ Delphine stated as she stormed out of Apollo’s house.
It was after dark when Eutychus finally entered the house.
‘Where have you been?’ Delphine asked, there was a hint of anger in her tone.
‘Mom! You’ll never guess what happened! I was walking down the road to get the flour like you asked me to…’ he stressed the last part. ‘…when I noticed some children gathered at a spot off the road. You know you taught me to be vigilant so I decided to find out what was going on. It could be something serious, you can never tell.’ Eutychus said shrugging.
Delphine stood, her hands crossed under her breast as she listened to her son talk.
‘Go on.’ She said, when she noticed he was quietly observing her, as if debating whether to continue or not. His face was brightened by the little encouragement and he continued on.
‘I walked up to where the children gathered and found out, to my utter amazement, that two of the kids were fighting!’
Delphine looked at him with annoyance. ‘It isn’t rare to see children fight. What was so amazing about this one?’ Curiosity replacing annoyance. Unknowingly, she found herself getting wrapped up in his story.
‘Yes yes but this one was different. They fought with their legs only.’
‘What? How?’
‘A person would hold the arms of each child behind their back while their legs were free to kick each other.’
‘Oh! that sounds dangerous! Tell me you stopped the fight at least.’
Delphine was now seated on a stool while Eutychus stood in front of the door. They were both engrossed in the story.
‘I couldn’t! Everybody cheered on as the two boys attacked each other. It became more like a game than a fight.’
‘How did it end? Who won?’ Delphine asked, laughing as she imagined how crazy it would have been to witness such a fight.
‘Nobody! A farmer stopped it before we could decide! Everyone was so upset. Even the boys that were fighting didn’t want it to end!’
Delphine threw back her head and laughed.
‘That’s fine and good but then I sent you out since the break of day, the fight couldn’t have lasted all day.’ Delphine stated, her focus shifting back to her flour.
‘You’re very right! It didn’t! But something else happened!’
‘Really?’ Delphine asked, one eyebrow raised.
‘Yes yes! As I continued along the way to finish my errand, I decided to take a shortcut since I had already spent most of the day being vigilant.’
Eutychus said, determined to take his mother’s mind off the flour. Delphine said nothing.
‘Then the most amazing thing happened! I witnessed the birth of a baby! Alone!’
‘What?!’ Delphine shouted. ‘Did you call for help? What did you do?!’
‘You taught me to be courageous like Joshua and Caleb of old. I helped deliver the baby.’ He announced proudly.
‘Eutychus you’ll be the death of me!’ Delphine exclaimed. ‘What do you know about Midwifery?!’
‘Midhusbandry you mean.’
‘Cause I’m a man.’ He answered smugly.
Delphine just stared at him.
‘It wasn’t even that difficult. All I did was rub her belly and the baby slipped right out. It was beautiful.’ Eutychus stated dreamily.
‘What about washing the baby and cutting the chord?’
‘Oh! I didn’t need to wash the baby. It’s mum licked it clean.’
‘Huh?’ Delphine was so confused. ‘Licked. Licked?!
‘Yes. It was my first time witnessing the birth of a calf.’
Delphine collapsed on the chair. ‘Eutychus. Did you buy the flour we will need to keep hunger at bay when Apostle Paul comes?’ She asked exasperated.
‘After everything that happened?! Noooo! I’m too tired. I may not even go for the sermon.’
Delphine’s anger was kindled anew. She always got lost in Eutychus’ stories but she usually didn’t mind as long as he completed his errands.
‘Eutychus of Troas! I’ll spank your big behind if I don’t see you at the upper room tonight!’
Upset that he was unable to escape, Eutychus grudgingly got ready for the long night ahead.
It was long past sunset when Eutychus and Delphine finally made their way to the upper room.
‘Mom, there’s nowhere for us to sit.’ Eutychus said looking around. ‘If we turn back now, we can still make it back home before the road gets lonely.’
‘We stay.’ She replied. Her son may have inherited his stubbornness from her but she was bullheaded in her decisions.
Sighting a window, she pushed Eutychus towards it.
‘Go sit by that window. Let me keep looking for a place to sit.’ Delphine said, her eyes already scanning the room for a place she could squeeze into. ‘Hurry!’ She added noticing how sluggishly he walked.
Eutychus climbed the window and sat on its sill, shifting and adjusting till he got the perfect position. He looked around and noticed his mom had found a place to sit. Relaxing, he waited with the other people for Apostle Paul to come in.
The silence of the room woke him from his slumber. He looked up to see his mother’s ready face as she held him in her arms, weeping.
‘Mom, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?’
His eyes moved from face to face and noticed the fear in them, all except a man. This man seemed calm and had a peaceful aura about him.
‘Oh my son! My dear son! I always said you would be the death of me but I never imagined you would be the death of you!’ Delphine wept.
Still puzzled, he looked at the calm man, his eyes full of questions.
‘You were sleeping and fell off the window. Three stories down. You were dead.’ He heard a man say. ‘Apostle Paul brought you back to life. If not for the fact that I carried you myself. I would not believe.’ The man concluded.
Eutychus was speechless.
‘It was not I but God who raised you from the dead. May His name be praised.’
Having said that, he left, the crowd followed leaving a bewildered Eutychus and a weeping Delphine behind.

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