The Affair

12. The Affair

The Affair

The human body contains a hormone called ‘Adrenaline’. It’s also known as ‘Fight or Flight’ hormone. When your blood is pumping, and fear grips you, do you Fight? Or take Flight?

‘Hey babe, what’s on your mind?’ Kosi asked kissing Eva’s cheeks from behind the couch.

It has been three weeks since Ebuka’s daring declaration and he hasn’t followed up on it. Yet. For the first few days, Eva half expected him to jump her whenever they were alone together in her office, but he was the perfect gentleman. Careful not to allow even the slightest bit of skin to skin contact. His calmness unnerved her.

‘It’s this book I’m reading, Bridge of Birds by Barry Hughart. It’s like a fable for adults.’ Eva answered as she closed the book and tilted her face up for a kiss.

Kosi was very happy to oblige before going around to sit with her on the couch. Eva didn’t tell Kosi what Ebuka said. It’s bad enough that their relationship is already on shaky ground because of him. Anymore mention of the name ‘Ebuka’ would tip the little peace and understanding they were able to salvage.

It had taken a lot of begging and promises on her part for Kosi to trust her again and she would prefer it remain that way. Nobody will ruin her marriage.

He pulled her closer to him and took the book from her.

‘Miser Shen? Number 10 Ox? What the heck kind of names are those?’ Kosi asked laughing.

‘Very apt and interesting names.’ Eva replied trying but failing to snatch the book away.

‘Uh huh. Lemme just… hahahahah stop! Stop!’ Kosi was laughing.

A light touch on the spot directly below his armpit was all it took for him to run mad with laughter. He had always been ticklish. Dropping the book on his lap, he used his right hand to stop the tickle attack. Not one to overlook a window of opportunity, Eva reached for her abandoned property but surprisingly, Kosi was faster. He used his free hand to push the book away, it landed on the floor before grabbing both her hands and squeezing her to himself. They were both laughing like little kids.

‘You little cheat.’ Kosi said grinning from ear to ear like the Cheshire Cat.

‘All is fair in love and war.’ She replied kissing him lightly on his lips but Kosi held her back, deepening it.

He was sitting while Eva laid awkwardly on his chest. She pushed away from his chest in an attempt to readjust herself but Kosi carried her gently and placed her on his laps, his hands caging her in.

‘Now you’re trapped.’ He said smiling.

‘Am I?’

There was a mischievous look in her eyes, one he has come to understand meant trouble for him. Instead of shifting back, she moved closer and started kissing his neck.

‘Ohhh damn. No. I won’t. You sneaky little…’ he lifted her up above his head and was rewarded with a tiny squeak of protest. ‘Now I got you.’ They laughed gleefully as he carried her to their bedroom.


‘Mmmmm.’ She hummed, her eyes closed. Contentment coursing through her after their little exercise.

‘How do you feel about some mini me’s and mini you’s driving us crazy?’

Her eyes immediately opened. She sat up slowly. ‘Are you serious?’

‘Yes. I am.’ He sat up as well. ‘I mean, I’m not trying to rush you or anything but, nothing would please me more than to see you swollen with my child in your belly.’

Eva shifted until her back rested on the bedpost dragging the bed cover over her breast, she let her arms relax on the bed after securing it around her chest.

‘I want that too, I just don’t want it to be a rushed decision. Let it be something we both decide on.’

She was looking at her fingers as she twisted them. Kosi laid a palm to calm her, understanding why she would be tense.

‘I know it’s scary. I’m scared too. A baby will change everything. Our work hours, sleep hours, our lives. But I still want that. I want the sleepless hours, the crazy schedules, everything as long as it’s with you.’

His eyes were brimming with love and a tear slipped out of her left eye. Kosi shifted closer to her and brushed it aside. His palm remained on her left cheek. She closed her eyes and tilted face to rest against his palm.

‘Yes.’ She answered smiling. ‘I’ll love to have mini you’s and mini…’

He captured her lips in a searing kiss. One of happiness, joy and excitement. Eva felt the same way and so much more but for some odd reason, she couldn’t suppress the foreboding feelings stirring within her.

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