The Affair

16. The Affair

It is my opinion that our perception of things are sometimes highly deluded because we most times see what we want to see and believe what we want to believe.

Tired, stressed and nursing a slight headache, Eva jammed the house keys into the keyhole and noticed the door was already open. Shocked, confused and a little scared, Eva quietly opened the door peep by peep and was surprised to see a lady bending over her couch.

‘Who are you?’’

Hope and Kosi turned to face Eva at the same time.

‘Hope? Kosi?’

‘Hey. You’re home early.’ Kosi said standing up, a bit unsure.

‘Yeah. I had a slight headache. My boss gave me the rest of the day off.’ Eva replied as she closed the door. ‘It’s just 2:35 pm.’ She continued checking her phone. ‘Did something happen?’

‘No no. No problem at all. Everything is fine.’ Kosi answered. He sat on the arm of the couch, purposely ignoring Hope’s glare as he did so. Eva didn’t.

‘It’s been a while. Are you good? How has work been?’ Eva asked.

She dropped her bag on the floor next to the couch and went to hug Hope. She was well aware that Kosi and Hope were close and respected their friendship. Hope however, didn’t return the hug. Eva looked between Hope and Kosi.

‘I’m sorry. Am I missing something? What’s the problem?’

Kosi kept avoiding Hope’s gaze.

‘For the love of…!’ Hope started, exasperated. ‘…it’s definitely not my place but Kosi, your husband, has something to tell you.’

Eva turned to look at Kosi expectantly. He remained silent.

Hope walked up to Kosi, ‘If you don’t work out the issues you have with your wife now, you’ll regret it.’

Eva turned to face Hope, shock written all over her face, ‘Issues?! What issues?’

Hope turned to Eva and said, ‘The issues you’re so blind to because your head is all wrapped up in your current client!’

Eva was speechless. Not a word left her lips at the sudden accusation. Without wasting anymore time, she turned to face Kosi and hugged him before whispering in his ear, ‘I’m here for you.’ Then she left the house. They stood in silence for several minutes before Eva finally spoke.

‘What did you tell her?’ It was a question filled with pain and anguish.

‘About Ebuka.’

‘What about Ebuka? I thought we had settled this? Why did you have to involve a stranger in our affairs?!’

‘She’s not a stranger, she’s my best friend!’ Kosi countered, the anger in him building. ‘And you’re the one who invited a stranger into our marriage.’

Eva remained rooted to the spot, her arms crossed.

‘Excuse me. I did no such…’

‘Don’t give me that bullshit! Do you take me for a fool? You keep late nights in the name of work, you always make up excuses when I try to find out what’s wrong and even though you agreed we should start trying for a baby,we haven’t had sex since then!’

Eva looked away. Guilt weighing heavily on her.

‘Babe. It’s not what you think.’ She started coming closer to meet him.

‘Spare me details!’

‘Please, there’s nothing going on between Ebuka and I.’

She clung to him, hot tears stinging her eyes.

Kosi turned his face away, refusing to see his wife, knowing if he did, his resolve would be broken but her desperate pleas got to him and he cupped her face.

‘Eva, babe. Please. Tell me the truth. I need to know that my wife is still mine. That you still love me. That I’m the last person you’ve been with. That our vows mean something to you. Please.’

Eva looked into the pleading eyes of her husband and once again, lied to his face.

‘There’s nothing going on between Ebuka and I.’

Kosi let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding and leaned his forehead against Eva’s. Relief flowed out of him as he brought her forehead against his lips.

‘I love you. I love you so damn much.’ He hugged her tightly to himself.

Eva said nothing, the guilt in her heart weighing heavily on her.

‘I’m honestly surprised. For the very first time you’re the one requesting that we meet privately. Does this mean you’ve finally reconsidered my offer?’ Ebuka asked.

He seemed so calm and at peace contrary to how pained and out of sorts she felt.

‘I’m not wasting time. I just want to drop a message and move.’

‘Is that why you chose this location?’

The cool breeze played with her hair as they sat at the restaurant overlooking the ocean, behind Radisson Blu. She felt this would be the perfect place. The place where it all began.


‘Let me guess, you want out of whatever it is tugging at us?’


‘Well that’s too bad. I don’t.’ He stood up from the table to leave. Eva stood up as well, grabbing his arm before he could turn away.

‘Ebuka please. I’m begging you. I feel horrible after what happened at my office and Kosi… he… he already thinks you and I are…’

There was an evil glint in his eyes that Eva didn’t notice as she went on.

‘I want this…’ she said waving between them ‘… to end. Please just leave me alone. Take your case, your issues and just leave us alone.’

Ebuka hugged her to himself and casually started leading her to the exit.

‘No! I said…’

‘I heard what you said but we don’t want to create a scene do we? People are already staring.’

Eva looked around and noticed he was right. She allowed Ebuka to lead her quietly outside the hotel and to the car park.

‘One week.’


‘I want one week with you and then, I’ll leave you alone.’

‘What do you mean?!’ She demanded pushing away from him. ‘I can’t spend an entire week with you! I had to lie that I was going back to the office just to meet up with you.’

‘You can have your husband for the rest of your natural born life. I just need a week. One week and I’ll be out of your life for good.’

Eva couldn’t speak. Was he actually asking her to… did he really think she would…? Should she? Would she? It’s just a week and that’ll be it.

Ebuka, easily noting her inner struggle smiled to himself and asked, ‘Do we have a deal?’

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