It has become a common occurrence now.

My earliest memory of it was 11? 12 years ago. I was playing with my brother in our room when I felt my head spin. It was slight, nothing serious and I waved it off. Two minutes later, I felt it again. This time, it came with such force that I was knocked off my feet. I turned to see my brother on the floor as well. We both looked at each other, we spoke no words but we felt the same emotion. Fear.

The air around us suddenly felt chilly and dark. I tried to move but it seemed as though a mysterious force kept me glued to the floor. I tried to turn my neck, to check on him, but I couldn’t. My mind raced in random directions but as each second passed, it became foggier.

My face and body were as stiff as a board. I was forced to stare continuously at my cloth drawer. I couldn’t think, no matter how hard I tried.

A shadow or was it a mist? Maybe the fogginess of my brain seeped out of my head and spilled into reality. I can’t say what I saw, but what I was looking at, defied my disbelief in the supernatural.

Its hands, long, thin, fingers that were as black as night, came out first. One hand and then the next. Its head followed, or what I imagined to be its head. It’s eyes, two small dots of blood red framed by a long mass of dancing white hair.

It moved slowly, purposefully towards me. The closer it came, the less I could breath.

That’s it.

I know. Believe me, I understand. That’s as far as my memories go. I can’t remember past that moment. I do remember that my brother died exactly two years after that incident. I chose to believe it was coincidence but right now, I’m not so sure.

I’m 24 now. And for some reason, the incident of that night keeps replaying in my sleep everyday since my 24th birthday. I seem to remember more and more of that day’s events. My dreams seemed to last the whole night but in the mornings, I realise they only contain a little bit more information each time.

I dismissed them at first, but now I apprehensively go to sleep knowing I’m going to learn something new, no matter how trivial. I’m worried it might have had something to do with my brothers death. I hope it doesn’t, because that would mean he didn’t die as peacefully as I had thought. The creature didn’t strike me as the peaceful kind.

It has been two months since my 24th birthday and I have one night to go. This night. Don’t ask me how I know it’s one night left, I just do. Fear seems to be winning but at this point, it’s inevitable. I have to sleep knowing once I do, I am forced to see. As if the creature wants me to know, to be aware.

The time has come. I do the necessary before going to bed. I have my bath, brush my teeth, say my prayers and lay in bed. Then it happens. It’s like I’m replaying a movie where I’m the lead character. The dizziness, suffocating feeling as it comes closer and closer, it’s almost touching me now as it’s fingers inch closer and closer to me. Then I wake up, or I think I have. I’m not a 13 year old anymore. I’m my 24 year old self, lying on my bed, a strong force pressing down on my neck. I try to claw at the force but touch nothing. I feel my strength wane and just before I drift into oblivion, I see the black as night creature, with the long white hair and tiny blood red eyes, except… it’s wearing a lined smile using my brother’s face.

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  1. Deji adetona says:

    This is excellent! Feels like something from Stephen King’s ‘IT’. 😃

  2. Kiva says:

    Lol. Thanks so much ☺️

  3. Oluwatosin Arigbanla says:

    Am wowed

  4. Kiva says:

    I’m glad ☺️

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