4. Billingsgate

‘Nooooo!!! Daddy stop! Daddy, please don’t! Please.’

‘She’s just a child! Dozie no!’

‘It’s about time you both learn your place!’

‘O…la. Ola! wake up. It’s a dream.’

‘Huh? What? Whu… where am I?’

‘Shhh. It’s ok. I’m here. You’re safe.’

I blink back tears I didn’t realise I was shedding. My eyes gradually adjust to the darkness of the room. How long has it been since I had that dream? Two? Three years? As I wipe my face with my unsteady palms it comes back, full of sweat.

‘Jeez, you’re shaking.’

I force my eyes to focus on my hands. The tears make it even more difficult. What is this feeling? This fear that seems to shake me to my very core. Naomi’s voice fades away as my mind becomes fuzzier.

‘Daddy I don’t want to play anymore! When is mummy coming back?!’

‘Shut up! I don’t want to hear another word out of you. Be still and be quiet!’



‘Jesus! Ola snap out of it!’

The fuzziness fades and a blinding light is in my face. I push it away and stare into the faces of Naomi and Ruth. They’re obviously worried about me. I’m worried about me too.

Naomi is like an open book. I already read the questions written all over her face. Ruth not so much. They’ve always been surprised at my ability to read them so well. I tell them it’s a gift. I omit the fact it’s a gift I had to hone.

‘I respect your desire to keep your personal life personal, but you can’t keep scaring us like this.’

I’m surprised. Not at the statement but at the person saying it. Naomi was the touchy-feely one, not Ruth. I can see Naomi is surprised too.

‘You know what? Forget it. I’m sure a night out will do you some good. Nothing like great sex to put you in the right mood.’

I can’t even stop myself. The laughter bursts out of me and before I know it, Naomi joins in. Ruth just smiles. I will be the first to admit that Ruth is right. Sex will definitely ease my mind.

‘Ola, that guy has been watching you.’

I’m not blind. Of course I know he’s watching me, but he’s also talking to someone else. Naomi knows this. It’s probably why she seems a bit worried. I can’t steal a customer. It’s not serious enough to be a rule. It’s just basic. The last girl who did that was never seen around our streets again. We are all a bit territorial.

Wait, is he…? Is he calling me?

The girl he was talking to walks off. I can tell from her body language that it was a bust. I wonder why. Only one way to find out.

‘Looking for a good time?’

‘You could say that. How much for a night?’

Good, no alcohol. The last thing I would do is make the same mistake twice. No alcohol just bumped its way to the top of my Mental Rules.

It’s easy to assess a man by his appearance. Men with decent money take care of themselves and their property. Any man can borrow his friend’s car and parade himself as rich but only few are cool and clean. He appears to be one of them. I can just tell. There wasn’t enough lighting to clearly make out his face but I liked what I could and in this business, that’s enough for me.


It’s a wild leap but I’m feeling adventurous tonight and I have a good feeling about this man. I rarely do.’


‘N4,500 and I’ll make it last all night long.’

I put in the extra effort of showcasing ‘the twins’, the pushup bra doing most of the work. I notice that he can’t take his eyes off of them and I hear the bells go off in my head.


‘Get in.’

I didn’t need any extra invitation. I’m already giddy about getting more than usual tonight. As a safety tactic, we always let each other know who we are going with and where. Tonight is no different, I nod to Ruth who had been watching me out of the corner of her eye. She nods in return before I get into the car. Once I get to my location, I’ll text her or Naomi the address.

‘You’re so beautiful. I can’t wait to have you.’

At this point, men grabbing my breasts no longer surprise me. I watch him navigate the road with one hand while massaging my breast with the other.

‘Neither can I.’

It gives me great satisfaction watching his eyes grow wider as I grab his dick.

‘Don’t worry. I’m a professional.’

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    I must say you’re pretty good, intricately sculpting your story to reach out to its readers, thus, creating a special connection between reader and character.

    Way to go Kiva!!

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      Thanks so very much dear. I appreciate you taking out time to read as well ☺️

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