6. Billingsgate

It’s not as far as I thought but then again, I am too busy to really notice. We are both busy.

His hands are up my thighs, my breasts, the back of my head like magic on my skin, working me so hard until I throbbed and ached.


A little moan escaped my lips and I am thankful for the darkness of the night. I hope he didn’t hear me but I know he did. The upwards turn of his lips as he kissed my neck told me so. My control was slipping and I need it not to.


One word which would decide the progress or lack of tonight. My hands are resting on his chest and I can feel his heart thundering under mine.

‘It’s upstairs.’

I look out the car window expecting to see a hotel but instead, we are parked in front of a house. Clients have a tendency to not mix business with their personal lives, which I’m totally fine with, after all, it’s their money, not mine. That’s why they always take me to hotels. It’s simple, it’s neat and above all, it’s not personal. None of my clients has ever taken me to their or even a house before.

I’m about to open the door and climb out when I see him rush to my side to open the door. My jaw drops. Literally. I know what and who I am. I don’t pretend and I don’t expect. It’s part of my job. His behavior so far surprised me.

My hand fit in his as he leads me out of his car and walk me to his gate. I fight the urge to pull at my skirt when the gate-man opened the gate for us. His eyes boring holes into my back.

When last did I feel so self-conscious? No! I refuse to wallow in past memories. I am going to enjoy myself and enjoy tonight.

The walk to the front door is quiet and calm but the moment he pulls out a key from his pocket and unlocks the door, his hands are all over me. My back hits the door with a thud, the pain is mixed with pleasure as he bites the flesh where my neck and shoulder meets. I can feel his bulge straining against his jeans and pressing on my thighs. The force of my desire frightens me.

Want, desire, these were unnecessary emotions in my line of work. Distractions. Control, yes, I need to grasp control and do so quickly. 

‘Hey hey hey, just hold on for a second.’

I’m breathing heavily, we both are. Every fiber of my being wants to have sex with this man, the fact that it will happen gives me tremendous joy, the need to establish control, makes me steel myself.

‘Yeah? What? Come on.’

He starts kissing my neck again, I indulge and nibble on his ear. His body shudders in my hands. A smile curves my lips.


‘What’s happening upstairs?’

This makes me giggle. I’ve always enjoyed the power sex gave me. To be able to make a man, any man, no matter how strong, reduced to mush in my arms by a stroke here or a lick there excites me. Tonight, it makes me even more so especially because I almost lost my myself in the moment.

‘The condom. Remember?’

I let out a small gasp as he immediately swoops me in his arms and literally runs up the stairs, two at a time, to the bedroom. He lets me drop carefully to the floor before switching on the light switch. I had mere seconds to take in the adequately spaced and decorated nature of his bedroom before he pins me to the wall, his tongue devouring me. I must be as light as a feather because he picks me up again and tosses me on his bed. I’m laughing. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed the sexual build up this much or if I have ever had one. Most clients would just pay for a hotel room. We would both get undressed and he sticks it in. This one is taking his time with me, as if I’m… no. It’s just sex. Nothing more.

I was so deep in thought that I didn’t realize I was alone in the room. The sound of running tap reassures me. I quickly send a message to Naomi about my location. Hopefully, it won’t be needed.

By the time he comes out of the bathroom, I’m completely naked and ready for him. If his surprised expression and knowing smile is anything to go by, he is too. I watch as he strides towards the bed, his eyes dark with a hunger I’ve gotten used to seeing.

He climbs on top of me, his lips on my neck, my shoulders, biting my ear. I know the drill, it’s my job to make him happy, to pleasure him, to leave him wanting more. I proceed to do just that. My hands are on his waist as I slowly unbuckle his belt and the sight that greets me warrants a smile. My hands encircle him, practiced hands caressing. I hear him moan just before my mouth replaces my hands. He grabs my head, forcing me to take him deeper. I happily oblige, my tongue and lips working him. He grunts, something deep and throaty. A warm liquid enters my mouth and goes down my throat.

‘You’re a fucking beast you know that?’

‘It’s what I’m paid to be.’

His hands are warm against my cheeks and so is his smile. It makes me uncomfortable. I’m not used to warmth from my customers. I can handle violence, coldness not warmth. Warmth opens you up to vulnerability. I don’t need such.

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