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Monk Thoughts #2 : Feminism and the Burden/Benefit Ratio


This is a topic I know that many, if not everybody is opinionated about. A topic which has split public opinion right down the middle. A topic that I hope to write more about some other time.

I was in fourth year in the Faculty Of Law, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka when Dr. Ibekwe drummed in the equitable concepts of Burden and Benefit into our thick skulls. Equity was in no way one of my favorite courses in my study of Law, but that topic stayed stuck in my head for a variety of reasons. I will spare you the legal jargon and go straight to the intersection.

I realized that many feminists have no idea what they are standing for. I discovered this from hours of discussions and arguments and everything in between.

Feminism, in my opinion, clamors for the freedom of the girl-child /woman to make life decisions devoid of unbecoming societal influence. That clamor comes from the belief that the female can shoulder her own responsibilities.

Allowing the female the BENEFIT of paddling her own canoe through life’s stream like the menfolk, places upon her the BURDEN of piloting her affairs and taking care of herself. That she can do exceedingly well. She who bears the burden must enjoy the benefit.

The woman who wants control of her life should go out there and take it. The woman who does not, should get comfortable getting everything handed out and her life micro-managed. Either way, it’s all about choice in the end. To whom there is benefit, a burden accrues.

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  1. Khavali says:

    Truer words were never written

    1. Uhchayy says:

      Word! Well said. Nice one dear

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