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Monk Thoughts #4 : The Entitlement Mentality

You know, one of my favorite Social Media pastimes is checking on people’s Fake Friend Radar. If you’re wondering what that is, I made that up (They say its Pedagogy by Extemporization. I made that up too). Anyhoo, Let me explain how it works.

You see those lovey-dovey friendship posts on Social Media? Where someone flaunts his/her friend(s) and writes long, moving epistles extolling the virtues of such friend(s)?  Ah, such beautiful write-ups. Such awe-inspiring friendships. That friend is outside the Fake Friend Radar (FFR) and the bullsh*tometer attached to the FFR is low (#BFF #LeSquad #Amazingpeople #FriendshipGoals).

On the other hand, where all hell has broken loose, and bedlam is the order of the day between those friends, it is not unusual to see acrimonious, incendiary posts directed to no one in particular; a subliminal message meant only for the friend to understand, and retort cryptically. One phrase is particularly common herein: Fake Friend. (#FakeFriends #F*ckFakeFriends). The smarter ones code their messages. Conversely, that friend is on the Fake Friend Radar. The Bullsh*tometer, as you may well know, is shooting through the roof. That’s that by the way. Now to my TED Talk.

You see, the reason we get disappointed time and time again, not because we expect too much, but because we expect at all.

I may be wrong, but that’s how I see it. Nobody owes me anything. That sense of entitlement comes from the belief that your friend should reciprocate the good you’ve done for him/her. That is not wrong, or misplaced. My point is, that People will be People. Entitlement and Expectations never helps anybody. Stop feeling entitled. Stop expecting, and the world, your “friends” included, will accordingly adjust.

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This is not to say that one should not take action to ensure or demand that friends should stay true. The point is, for your peace of mind, you should be prepared for anything.

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