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Monk Thoughts #5 : The Scourge of Power

                       No one man should have all that power…

If you’re a Rap Head, you probably know this line from a popular Kanye West song.

Well, power has always been a concept that many think they understand and fully grasp. The few who believe that they have not fully felt its essence are the minority who have experienced power on a major scale.

I believe that Power exists in various forms, and is used in a wide range of situations, however arguments as to its true nature and the ability of humans to wield it without being consumed whole has always been at the front burner. It is at this point that I’d butt in with my opinion, albeit on a smaller scale: Relationships.

As we may have discovered from our numerous experiences in different relationships, the Power always rests with the party who is least invested in the relationship. That should, to some extent explain the rationale behind the whole “Men are scum” or “Women are scum” proclamations we see on Social Media. As a result of this, many a man or woman would have to pretend they do not care that much about their partner in order to get such partner to fall in love or get more attracted. Conversely, there are situations in which individuals cannot even keep up with the pretense. They just let you know, through words and actions, that you mean the world to them. I mean, that’s all everyone pines for. Someone to love and accept them and their flaws and exult even the most basic of their good qualities. Someone to go crazy about them and over them. You know the works. Here’s the fact though:

Chances are high that you would mess up what you have with that kind of person.

Reason being the fact that even though you might care about the person, knowing that you have him or her at your beck and call simplifies loving such person. As such, the person just becomes a conquest, holding no interest for you. Most of the Pick Up Artists and Relationship Experts you know would blame it on the party being burned for the reason that they made themselves available too easily. Truth is, that’s just one side of the coin. The other side of the coin? It has your face on it, your share of the blame.

You got consumed by the Power that your partner gave you over them, over their emotions and the ebb and flow of their heart. Your actions went unchecked and in time, you stopped checking yourself, because you realized you could do no wrong in their eyes. As a human, you lost your way and you became obstinately petulant. No one man should have all that Power indeed.

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  1. The Cynic says:

    Beautiful writeup, sir. I have sth to say. I personally feel that we love an individual regardless of their flaws. If I get you right, one can assume power over the other when there is no change coming from the submissive party. Dunno if I’m clear there. Are you saying that love can be blind to all faults but it should not be a reason for the individual to remain the same?

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