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Monk Thoughts #9: Trump’s America : A “RipOff” Perspective.

                         What you are about to read is my opinion, and in no way does it reflect the views of Kivawrites. If you agree with it, awesome! If you don’t, I will be waiting in the comments section. Let’s get to it then.

As I type this, I just saw one of the fruits of Donald Trump’s well-oiled campaigns of acidic hate and recalcitrant calumny. A certain Cesar Sayac was arrested for attempting to bomb multiple targets who overtly oppose Trump’s ideological standpoint, among which were CNN, The Obamas, Hilary Clinton and George Soros. Few days before that, a certain Gregory Bush shot and killed several unarmed black people after which he did not shoot at a white assailant who actually shot at him, telling him that “whites should not kill each other”. Hatred, Racism and Nationalist Jingoism have become the staple diet for the GOP supporters and their supportive media outlets (don’t say Fox News). However, this is really not why I write.

I write because I have noticed that ever since Trump assumed control of America’s reins of power, the global political landscape underwent a major change. African-style democratic dictatorship is quickly becoming the new trend. Leaders are quickly taking out a page or two out of Trump’s playbook. The American Orange Turtle is glamorizing anti-democratic democracy. Jair Bolsonairo, the President-Elect of Brazil, is already declaring war on “fake news media” and clamping down on them with ardent vigor. The Pakistani Presidential elections saw candidates who echoed sentiments synonymous with Trump’s message of Press-Gagging become poster boys. I also recall at this point a certain man who divided his country along the lines of the mathematical equation 97% +5%.

My anger at this point is this: Trump is a rip-off.

How could he take lessons from Mugabe, Museveni and Biya without giving them proper credit? In his political stardom, he failed to give credit to the men from who he learnt to properly divide, frighten, gag media and “dishonest reporting”.

Trump, you owe African Dictators an apology. QED.

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