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Monk Thoughts #10: Dumping the Broke Dude: A Weird Point of View

I am sure that at this point in time, we are well acquainted with a storyline that has been the subject of many a movie, television show and oral stories; the story where a girl dumps a broke male to date a richer one.

I do not know how the ones you’ve heard ended, however in my experience, the stories end with the broke guy suddenly becoming rich through a change in fortunes, way richer than the first guy, and somehow the girl regrets her decision to dump Mr. Broke Dude. Is this similar to the stories you’ve heard?

If it is, then we also know that this is not always the case. In fact, it is rarely the case. It is more common to hear that the broke dude got rich, and the rich dude got richer. However that is not the reason why I write. I do so because people have always asked this question: Why do girls dump broke guys?

Apart from the answers about not wanting to date a broke guy and financial comfort, there is an often ignored reason why women do not date broke guys, and it is not one I expect everyone to agree with.

“Women do not date broke guys because they become toxic due to esteem issues”

Still lost? Then let me explain.

Naturally, women are attracted to high-quality males, ie males who are aware of their own power and brilliance. As such, confidence and a healthy self-esteem are some of the necessary qualities which high-quality males possess. Due to the manner of societal engineering evident in the world today, you’d find that most men are judged for viability on the basis of income. As such when a man is broke, he naturally starts to feel really ashamed of himself for not being able to provide for his woman on demand, especially on occasions where the woman also has a job and earns significantly more than the man.

It follows from this that when the woman tries to show her love to the man by way of gifts to the man, he is at that point reminded of his “inadequacies” and the insecurities come to the fore. In cases like this, such men demand that their wives/girlfriends quit their jobs and take ones which pay lesser than that of the man, if ever he has a job. As it stands, most men like these lash out at their partners at the slightest provocation, ostensibly to “put them in their place” and feel comfortable in their role as Lord and Master in the relationship/marriage. Ultimately, the women feel alienated by the men in their lives who will not even share the insecurities with them, but rather just vent their spleen when they feel like it, and the end result is the fact that they leave the partnership, while their male partner sinks to new depths of despair.

So, the next time you want to tell someone that women are scum because they dumped all your friends who are broke, kindly take this into consideration, will you?

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