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Monk Thought 12: The 2010s – Memories of the Decade gone by

Monk Thought 12 : The 2010s: The Memories of the Decade Gone by

If you’re reading this, congratulations! You made it to 2020, the first year in the new decade. Congratulations for coming this far. It ain’t easy.

Forgive me for choosing this moment to take us down memory lane, but I wish to draw our minds to how mighty memorable the past ten years have been. I’m going to start by listing the memorable moments for me in the last decade. Here goes!

  1. The World Cup in South Africa (2010) : This was the first memorable moment for me as it was the first World Cup on African Soil. The fact that South Africa as a nation gave a very good account of themselves while hosting gives me a feeling of pride. I still remember the stories about the Jabulani ball, Nelson Mandela’s momentous speech, the opening ceremony, the very first goal scored by Tshabalala (Peter Drury made that moment more magical), Yakubu’s miss against South Korea, Asamoah Gyan’s dance moves, Ghana’s magnificent run to the quarter finals, Suarez’s villainy, and the defeat that crushed the whole continent after Gyan missed a 120th minute penalty kick in that match against Uruguay. I felt really proud to be African in that tournament.
  2. Wizkid’s “Holla at your boy” (2010): I maintain that that song and the accompanying visuals changed the music game as we knew it then. I became Wizkid’s newest fan after that because he proved at the time that young’uns could come through and make a difference. His appearance on the scene led to a major influx of teenagers and young adults in to the Nigerian Music scene which was dominated mostly by people in their late twenties/early thirties. I can’t forget the G-shock watches and the carrot trousers that became widely popular after then.
  3. Dagrin! (2010) : Akogun  was indeed a street symbol as a rapper with his songs ruling the airwaves, however his death in 2010 really shook everyone, including a fifteen year old ,me at the time. The tribute song that Nigerian artistes did for him at the time was memorable and dare I say, one of the very few emotional tributes I saw. Dagrin is still missed till today.
  4. Meeeeerrrrrlin! (2012):  The highly successful BBC Series came to an end in 2012, of which the finale left many of us really distraught. However, it is not to be forgotten that “In the land of myth, and the time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name… Merlin!”
  5. The Aluu 4 (2012): I cannot forget the jungle justice that was meted out to four young souls in which they all lost their lives. I saw the videos and pictures and it was indeed painful to see. I remember that one of them was a rapper who did the song “No love in the heart of the city” which seemed a foreboding of the cruel end that was to come. Alexa, play me “When we’re all ashes” by M.I.
  6. No! Not Whitney Houston!: It was a rude shock to everyone when the news of Whitney Houston’s passing went public. I felt torn and sad. I grew up listening to many of her songs and that was a very huge loss for the music community and for her fans all over the world. I fondly remember her for her rendition of the American Anthem, “Star-Spangled Banner” at the 1992 SuperBowl, which I have not stopped watching up till today.
  7. Burna Boy mania (2012): Remember the period when a younger Burna Boy burst onto the scene with that “Like to Party” Jam? That song was fire! The visuals were also top-notch. That song introduced Burna to the rest of the world, and the rest, as they say, is history.
  8. The Avengers (2012): As a Marvel fan and a Stan Lee stan (sounded weird right?), I was super excited to discover that Marvel Studios were bringing together the Earth’s mightiest heroes together for the first time, and boy was it glorious! It really was something to see, I tell you.
  9. Obama gets returned (2012): In the eleventh month of the two thousand and twelfth year, Barrack Hussein Obama was returned elected to the White House as the President of the United States of America. I was really rooting for him so at the time it really was something major for me. Seeing a black man like rise to such position of power was inspirational to a seventeen year old me.
  10. Nigeria rules Africa (2013): The 2013 African Cup of Nations was memorable for all the right reasons, one of them being Nigeria’s magical run to the trophy. Sunday Mbah’s goals on two different Sundays against the Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso, Emenike’s raw power, Moses’ trickery, Musa’s speed, Mikel’s composure and Enyeama’s reflexes saw Nigeria lift the trophy for the third time. Apart from all that, there was D’banj with his inspirational soundtrack, “Top of the World”. Nigeria qualified for the FIFA Confederations Cup as a result, and crashed out in the group stages, beating Tahiti, and losing to Spain and Uruguay.
  11. The UEFA Champions League Final (2014): Europe’s continental club showpiece has always held magic for me, from the day I first watched the game between Arsenal and Deportivo La Coruna in the early 2000s. Years later, I watched a Cristiano Ronaldo inspired Real Madrid lift the Champions League for a record 10th time, beating Atletico Madrid 4-1. Sergio Ramos’ last minute header drove me nuts, and if you can’t tell yet, my GOAT is Ronaldo!
  12. The World Cup in Brazil (2014): Once again the world’s biggest football extravaganza was at hand to thrill all and sundry. It really was a bit successful for African teams as it would be the first time two countries from Africa would reach the knockout stages. Nigeria and Algeria got that far, only to be knocked out by France and Germany respectively in the Round of 16. Both teams met in the quarter-finals and Germany triumphed, ultimately going on to win the tournament, but not before humbling hosts Brazil in a 7-1 whitewashing. Argentina’s loss to Germany in the final was the icing on the cake for me, because a certain someone lost with the Argentine team.
  13.  Avengers Infinity War (2018): An absolutely stunning climax for the Infinity Saga. Only downside for me was Thanos winning and taking down several Avengers. I hated it so much, but that part where Thor storms Wakanda yelling; “Brrrrrrrring me Thanos!” was the ultimately satisfying moment for me.
  14.  The UEFA Champions League Final (2018):  No need to talk much here, Madrid won the third straight UEFA Champions League trophy, my GOAT winning his 5th. Can your GOAT ever?
  15. Game of Thrones (2013-2018): WHEW! A crazy tale of betrayal, love, loss, lust, sacrifice, death, war, and the villainous nature of human beings. The final season did slap very hard, though it was ultimately the greatest TV show of the decade.
  16. Avengers EndGame (2019): A fitting end to 11 years of awesome storytelling and realistic heroism. It was a deep love letter to the Marvel fan and my, was I sad to see the story end! Tony’s death was the only thing I did not like about the movie but I guess these things happen, don’t they?
  17. Burna Boy Grammy Nomination (2019): Remember the young newbie we talked about earlier? Seven years after he burst onto the scene, his album, “African Giant” was nominated for the Grammy Awards, in the category of the Best World Music Album. I and countless other Nigerians are elated, because this is a huge win for the music industry, and we hope he wins it come February 2020.

So, what are your memorable moments from the 2010s? Let me know in the comments below.

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