15. Billingsgate

Take? What does daddy mean by ‘I’m going to take from them?’ Are they owing him? Did they have something of ours?

Daddy doesn’t let me think about it for too long.

‘Get out.’

It takes me a while as I struggle to open the car door. I feel daddy come closer to me and I jerk back.

Will he hit me because I don’t know how to open the door?

Thoughts of mummy lying down on the floor keeps entering my head.

Will that be me if I don’t do as daddy says?

I use my hands to cover my eyes, the same way mummy taught me while we played hide and seek when daddy wasn’t around. I hear a sound just before daddy pushes me out of the car door. My head hits something hard and I hear a knocking sound inside my head. It’s almost like the time daddy threw me against the wall only not as painful that may be because I fell on sand.

‘That bastard! Look at how rich he is and he still couldn’t let it go!’

Is there someone daddy is talking to? Was another person in the car?

‘That’s the last valuable thing I have left! Damn it! I was in such a sour mood that I didn’t even get to enjoy my whore for the night.’

Careful not to make noise, I slowly push myself off the ground until I’m able to see inside the car through the window. I see daddy, his hands are on the wheel, he’s looking forward. There’s no one else in the car with him.

‘…and Yemi! That damn woman. She should have just… now look! Damn it! I’m now stuck with that useless… well, if she’s able to pull this off she won’t be useless anymore.’

‘Daddy I’m not useless! Don’t worry. I’ll show you how very useful I am. I’ll take whatever you want me to take. Just tell me. Anything. Daddy please don’t throw me away.’

The thought of not being able to go home again scares me. Mummy was all I had but now she’s gone. If daddy leaves me then I don’t know what I’ll do. For daddy not to throw me away I need to make him happy and if taking from this house will make him happy, I’ll do it.

‘Shhhh. Shut up.’

I immediately stop talking. What if daddy changes his mind? If I don’t work, I won’t eat. My eyes hurt and I feel the tears coming but I hold it back. This isn’t the time to cry. This is the time to work.

‘The owner of that house took my Gold Wrist Watch. I need you to go and get it back for me.’

Daddy kept looking forward as he told me what I am supposed to take from the house.

Gold Wrist Watch. I know what a wrist watch is, mummy showed me one some time ago but I wonder what Gold is. Also, daddy never said where the gold wrist watch will be.

‘Ok. But daddy, you never said where the gold wrist watch will be? How will I find it?’

At that point, daddy who was looking forward turned and looked straight at me. For some reason, I started feeling small bumps all over my body.

‘That’s your job. Don’t even bother coming back if you don’t find it!’

I almost fell. If daddy is this angry when I asked about where to find the gold wrist watch then what will he do if I tell him that I don’t know what gold is. Just thinking about it makes me shake a bit.

‘I’ll be waiting in this corner. Be quiet. Nobody must see you enter or leave the house.’

The only thing I’m able to do is shake my head. I must not offend daddy. Now that mummy is gone I need to start making rules for myself. Do not offend daddy will be my first.

Standing in front of the house, it looks so big, so very big and there’s a long wall around it. I’ve never seen a wall this long. It’s not like mummy and daddy’s house that doesn’t have any. How am I supposed to enter inside the house now? Maybe if I keep walking around the wall, I’ll see a way to enter.

My legs ache and I can’t continue. I’ve been looking but I’m still not able to find any way in. My tummy is making noise again. Daddy said I have to work to eat. If I don’t get daddy’s gold wrist watch, then there won’t be anything for me to eat. I’m standing in front of the house again; I don’t know what else to do.

‘What are you doing staring at my gate?’

Someone is shining a torch light at me. It can’t be daddy. Daddy left this work for me. He said it’s my job so who could this person be?

The light is so bright I have to cover my eyes with my hands. I can’t see who is talking to me.

‘Are you a thief? If you’re a thief you aren’t a very good one. I was watching you through my bedroom window circling our fence.’

That’s not good. If this person saw me, I wonder who else did. Daddy said to make sure no one saw me enter and leave. I haven’t even entered and I’ve been seen.

‘Well? What do you want at this time of the night that couldn’t wait till morning? I haven’t got all night and I need to go back to bed before James wakes up.’

It should be ok then. Since this person is the owner of the house and asked me what I want, it should be fine to just say it.

‘I came to take daddy’s gold wrist watch.’

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  1. Chioma Jeromes says:

    Chai! Pure innocence

    1. Kiva says:

      Innocence that puts her in trouble. 😪

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