16. Billingsgate

It’s been a month since I saw daddy and a week since I told Naomi and Ruth about what daddy did to me… or part of it. They’re still worried about me. I can tell by the way they keep making up excuses to stop me from following them to work at night…

‘You can’t go with us tonight.’


Uhmmm…  because… we need some supplies.’

‘Supplies? But It’s almost midnight!’

‘I’m sure there are shops open.’

At first it seemed really sweet and I appreciated their efforts but now I find it all extremely annoying. I’ve decided I’ll follow them out tonight. There’s nothing they can say to stop me this time. Life has taught me never to depend on others.

I catch Naomi staring at me out of the corner of my eyes. It’s almost time for us to go out. Naomi is dressing up in the room while Ruth is having her bath.



Well, it’s clearly not nothing but I won’t push. If she doesn’t want to tell me what’s clearly bothering her then I won’t ask but knowing Naomi she won’t stay silent for long.

‘…it’s just…’

Ah, there it is.

‘…you had this look like you remembered something painful or sad. I know it’s been weeks since you met your dad and all. The last thing we would want to do is rush you but I really think it would be great if you went out with us tonight. Staying indoors like this won’t help you.’

Oh, this definitely wasn’t what I expected to hear from her. Ruth maybe but not Naomi. Also, I thought they both wanted me to stay inside, to save my feelings but it seems I was wrong. It wouldn’t have mattered either way cause once Ruth is out, I’ll have my bath and join them out.

‘Also, we need the extra money. It hasn’t been easy you know. This is the second time in three months you’ve had to stay at home while we work.’

I definitely didn’t expect that. Is she calling me out or something? I know these past few months have been…bad? Horrible? Difficult for me. One of my clients brutalised me and I had to take time off to heal. I know daddy surprised me last month but I’ve always carried my weight. Always. Why would Naomi start talking as though I don’t do anything?


‘Don’t misunderstand me. I know things have been bad lately but if you think about it, we warned you about that client but you refused to listen and you hopped into his car like the slut we are. I don’t blame you about your father, that’s messed up but you need to be more careful in these streets.’

‘What the hell?! That’s rich coming from you!’

‘Excuse you. What do you mean…’

‘You know exactly what I mean Naomi! You talk about being careful and all that bullshit but no one, absolutely no one, especially in our line of work, would give out our number to a random client!’ 

I can see her expression twisting to anger.

‘That was one time!’

‘Or should I talk about the time when you romanticised eloping with a client just because he gave you an extra big tip? Oh! And I don’t mean the sausage between his legs because that would have made more sense!’

‘Shut up!’

‘Or what about the time we had to move because you had sex with a teenager that started stalking you huh?!’

I follow Naomi as she walks into the kitchen trying to escape. No, I’m not going to let her escape. She must hear this. How dare she points fingers at me? Nothing that happened to me happened because I chose it. They were all beyond my control.

‘Oh, I see you can’t handle what you dish out huh? You suddenly start telling me how being physically abused by my client is my fault but you block your ears to hear the bad choices you’ve made. Mtcheeeeew. Self-righteousness is not a good colour on any of us, we lost our rights to that the moment we chose this life.’

‘Choose?! Some of us didn’t exactly have a choice!’

I hear Naomi scream just as Ruth comes out of the bathroom. I feel a bit relieved, now I can shower and vent my frustration the best way I know how but a part of me feels a bit sad about what I said to Naomi. It can’t be helped, she asked for it.

I’m quiet as I grab my towel and enter the bathroom.

‘You’re going out with us tonight?’


Ruth just nods her head in response. No further questions asked and I prefer it that way. Maybe it was too soon to open up to both sisters.

If Naomi told Ruth what transpired between us, I don’t know because by the time I’m out of the bathroom and getting ready, they’re both waiting for me. Ruth must have told Naomi I’m going out with them tonight. Naomi avoids looking at me as we all make it to our usual spot. Naomi and Ruth have been trying to find a better spot for us because of my run in with daddy but we haven’t yet so we have to hope he doesn’t return.

I’m still a bit pissed with Naomi but I can’t let it ruin my night. A car pulls up to me at that moment and I quickly go into work mode.

‘See something you like?’ I say this while doing a slow spin. The short strapless red gown I put on held the right places.

‘Yeah, I do.’

This voice, so familiar but I’m unable to place it. I lean in to discuss my price.

‘Two thousa…’

‘Do you still charge N5,000?’

Then it dawned on me and I instantly knew he who was.

‘You! You’re the gentleman!’

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  1. Gerald Eze says:

    Kiva this is beautiful. Nne you engaged me briefly and gainfully with this piece. Since you don’t tire to write, I won’t tire to read. Please don’t give up your role of writing, cus I just begun mine (of reading what you write) with all the commitment I need.

    1. ☺️☺️☺️ thank you thank you. This is actually episode 16. You can start from 1 to properly follow the story.

      And I’ll keep writing ✍🏾 so you’ll always have something to read 🙂

  2. A very engaging piece. I was carried away till the end. Nice one Kiva..

    1. Thank you 😊

  3. Keren-happuch says:

    Loved it! Can’t wait for more!

    1. Heheheh
      Can’t wait to write and share more ☺️

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