21. Billingsgate

‘Dad! Wait! It’s my fault. I brought her in.’

This man is strong. Maybe even stronger than daddy. What am I going to do? Daddy warned me not to let anyone see me and now not only did Tosin see me but his daddy too. What is he going to do? And daddy, he’s still waiting for me to bring his gold watch. 

My eyes begin to hurt and I rub it. There’s no way I’m going to cry. I need to be strong no matter what. 

‘You came for your fathers gold watch?’ 

I look up and notice both Tosin and his father are quiet. Tosin’s daddy puts me down and looks me in my eye. 

‘Did your father tell you to come and collect his gold watch?’ 

What do I say? Should I tell him yes? That daddy asked me to collect the watch. Whenever Mummy finds out I took her fish without asking her first, she would always tell me to say the truth and whenever I did tell her I’m the one that took it, she smiles and tells me not to that stealing is bad. Stealing. Does this mean I was about to steal even though it’s daddy’s watch? But, if I tell him daddy sent me it shouldn’t count as stealing and it’s the truth. 

I slowly turn to look at Tosin, his head is down, I know that look, that’s me whenever I do something to annoy mummy. Then I turn to face Tosin’s daddy. 

‘Daddy told me to come and collect his gold wrist watch from you. He said you took it from him.’ 

Just like Mummy, Tosin’s daddy smiles at me. I watch as he stands up, walks to his closet and comes back with a gold watch. I’m surprised. Looking at Tosin, he’s also surprised. If we both knew his daddy would just give it to me then we would have asked him for it from the beginning.

He walks up to me, bends till we are face to face again and stretches out my arm to place the gold wrist watch in my hand. 

‘It’s good you told the truth. Something my wife used to say about telling the truth.’

I’m just happy I have the watch, now I can give daddy. My work is done and now I can eat. That’s true, Tosin promised to make any type of noodle I want once we get the watch. I’m so excited. 

‘Come on Lola, I haven’t forgotten my promise to you. You’re about to witness my awesome culinary skills.’

‘I just want noodles.’

Tosin shakes his head at me like he can’t believe what I said or something. But it’s true. I don’t know what kulenary is. Is it a type of food? I just want to eat noodles. It doesn’t take time to make and I’m sure daddy won’t be that mad I took some time to eat. If anything, it’ll save him from feeding me when we get home. The noodles should be enough for today then I’ll save daddy’s food for tomorrow. 

‘Why are you smiling like that?’

‘Cause you’re going to make noodles for me. I really like noodles.’ 

Tosin smiles at me and I smile back. That’s when I remember Tosin’s daddy is still in the room. He has been quiet. 

‘Thank you for giving me the watch. I’ll be going now.’

‘Is your daddy waiting for you outside?’ 


I can’t wait to give it to daddy, I’m sure giving him his gold watch will make him happy. I’m about to leave when he stops me. 

‘Tosin, you can go and start preparing the noodles for… Lola right?’

I smile and nod my head. He must be really smart to remember my name that quickly. 

‘Good. I’m curious about Lola, I just want to know more about her. She seems to be an interesting person.’

I watch as Tosin looks at me and then his daddy before saying ok and closing the door behind him. 

Tosin’s daddy stands up and walks to his bed to sit down. I don’t know if I should follow him or not. 

‘I hope you don’t mind, my knees aren’t as strong as they used to be. Bending for long makes it hurt.’

I nod my head and smile. 

‘Can you just give me a moment, I need to make a quick call.’

He was right, the call didn’t take time. 

‘Tell me, you keep talking about your daddy. What about mummy? Is she at home?’ 

Mummy. My eyes are hurting and I rub it. I want to be strong but remembering mummy, thinking about how I’ll never see her again makes my chest hurt. 

‘Mummy is gone.’

‘I’m sorry about that. Why are you standing over there? Come and sit next to me.’

I walk slowly to sit next to him on the bed. He rubs my shoulders while hugging me to himself. It reminds me of the way mummy used to hold me. I hear something shake and turn to it.

‘I’m sorry, let me just answer that.’

He let’s go of me and stands up from the bed, walking towards the door to answer the call. I use that time to look around the room. It’s a lot bigger than mummy and daddy’s own. The bed is bigger too. Mummy wouldn’t have had to sleep on the floor if they had this bed. 

Tosin’s daddy ends his call and turns to me, the look I see in his eyes scare me more than the time me, mummy and daddy were playing hide and seek.

‘Things are about to get interesting you little piece of shit!’ 

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