23. Billingsgate

What? Why is he looking at me like that? What does he mean? 

I slowly get up from the bed and move towards the door. 

‘Mr Tosin’s daddy, thank you for giving me daddy’s gold watch. Tosin and Daddy are waiting for me and I want to go.’

As I move towards the door, he says nothing but looks at me with the strangest smile I’ve ever seen. I don’t know why he’s smiling at me like that so I smile back, making sure to show all my teeth before trying the door handle. It’s locked and I push down on it again with all my strength but it still doesn’t open. 

Was there a special way Tosin opened it when we entered? I can’t remember. 

‘Mr Tosin’s daddy, could you please open the door for me. I don’t remember how Tosin opened it earlier.’

‘That’s because I locked it with a special key sweetheart. A key that only I have.’ 

I’m confused, why would he lock it with a key? 

‘Can you use your special key to open it?’

‘I can sweetheart.’

For some reason, I begin to feel bumps all over my body. Just like the time I was in the car with daddy. Does he want to hurt me? But… I didn’t do anything wrong. 

I watch him as he holds out a key to me. When I reach out to take it, he moves away from me. 

‘If you want this key, you have to do a very special favour for me.’

Oh! Just a favour? I guess it’s ok since he was so nice to give me daddy’s watch. Daddy should have just asked Tosin’s dad for his gold watch back, Tosin’s daddy seems to be a very nice man. I wish he was my daddy instead. 

‘Will… will it take time? The favour. Because I’m hungry and I want to eat noodles fast so daddy won’t get angry.’

‘Oh sweetheart, it won’t take time. It’s just one quick favour and you can go ok?’

He puts his hands on my face and lifts my face to his. 

‘Just one quick favour and you can go back to your ass of a father.’

Before I can reply, he puts his lips on mine. It feels strange and different. When mummy placed her lips on mine, I felt so happy and warm. Mummy called it a kiss and said it’s given when a person loves someone. Does that mean Tosin’s daddy loves me? I don’t understand. This feels strange, it makes me scared. 

When he finally stops kissing me, I use the back of my hand to clean my lips. For some reason, he has an angry look on his face. I wonder why.

‘Can I have the key now?’


‘Why?! I did the favour you asked. Let me go! I want to leave! Open the door!’

As I pull at the door handle and shout, he doesn’t say a word but instead folds his hands as he looks at me with that weird smile again. 

‘If you like, scream till your throat is sore, this door is soundproof. Which means, no one is going to hear you and I mean no one. Not your dead slut of a mother, not your greedy selfish father and not even my sweet son Tosin. It’s just you and me in this room and no one to disturb us.’ 

‘No! You’re lying! Daddy is outside right now waiting for me. He’ll come look for me if I don’t…’ 

I immediately stop talking, the look I see on Tosin’s dad makes me stop. My body starts shaking like the time I was in daddy’s car and I thought he was going to hit me. Will Tosin’s dad hit me just like daddy did? 

My eyes sting at the thought of how painful it was but I try not to cry. Mummy won’t want me to cry.

He doesn’t hit me, but grabs my face with his hand and squeezes it. I close my eyes in pain. 

‘I see you talk too much, I hope you don’t plan to be difficult. Tsk, you should know, if you make things difficult for me that I’ll make things difficult for you but if you behave like the sweetheart you are…’

His hands release my face and I try not to rub the part that hurts. 

I watch him move to a corner of the room, I don’t know what he went to do but I’m happy he has moved away from me. Before long, he’s walking towards me holding something in his hand. 

‘… then we make each other happy.’

He bends and tries to place his hands on me but I push him away.

‘Don’t test my patience Lola. My level of kindness matches my cruelty. I will be violent if I need to be.’ 

He talks like Tosin. So many big words but I’m not able to catch them all. 

‘If you don’t behave yourself and allow me to touch you, I will beat you until you bleed. Is that clear enough for you?’

I nod my head quietly. The bumps on my body increased. He seems to be worse than daddy. 

‘I’ve always enjoyed sweets.’

He says this while I watch him unwrap it. ‘Want?’

I shake my head. 

‘Your father abandoned you. Don’t look at me like that sweetheart, you may not want to believe me but the call I made is to my people outside and they told me that when they tried to talk to your father, he drove off in a hurry.’ 

What? Did… did daddy really leave me here? But why? Why would he do that? I don’t understand. If he just waited a bit more, I would be out with his gold watch. 

My eyes started stinging again. 

What am I going to do now? I don’t even know the way home. Mummy, what am I to do? Why aren’t you here with me?

‘Sweetheart, there’s no need to cry. I’ll take very good care of you from now on.’ 

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