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Monk Thoughts #19: The Importance of Balance

“Only the Avatar, the master of all four elements, can bring balance to the world.”

You know, if you’re a staunch fan of the Nickelodeon series Avatar, you’d be screaming in agreement at the overused quote above. Don’t lose your head though, I only brought it up for a reason.

In that universe filled with people who bent elements to their will, it was clear that Balance was the most essential thing the World needed, and that was what the Avatar sought to provide, by quelling any member or group from the four nations who tries to dominate the others. In that, the world found peace. In my estimation, I believe that balance is not just the most important thing, it is the key to perfection.

Why, you may ask?

Hear me out.

In life, many believe that a battle between the two extremes are at play: Light and Darkness, Good and Evil. This battle is so primordial and unavoidable that many philosophical thinkers unanimously agree that this epic battle rages the fiercest on the grandest stage of all: within the human mind.

Psychologists like Carl Jung have always emphasized the existence of two planes in the human psyche: that of the light and the dark. It was Jung’s opinion that in order to remain an acceptable member of society and attain access to all rights and benefits accruing therefrom, most individuals suppress the darkness inside of them, while attempting to give more room to the light. This might seem the right thing to do, but in times of conflict and raw chaos, one might find that proclivity unhelpful, and at that point, the concept of embracing the Jungian shadow was born, advocating that it is important that all men attain balance in their lives by “integrating their shadows”.

From the foregoing, it is clear that as human beings, we must not completely kill off parts of us that we think are not necessary or needed, because those qualities make up the generality of our being. It may seem quite confusing understanding what I just said, but I wish to state that I do not in any way support the wanton, unwarranted display of dark tendencies. No, far from that. I believe that in order to survive, humans need to acknowledge the darkness in them, for that is a proper start towards achieving balance within ourselves. In our dealings with people balance is of the utmost necessity. In processing our own thoughts and that of others whom we listen to, it is also necessary to approach them with a view to attaining balance. Hell, even the symbol of justice has a scale on it which signifies balance, because it is believed that the law courts are the temples of justice which approach cases set before it in order to strike a balance. Even in relationships balance is most needed. The hot love of youth and the slow, steady and evergreen love which age brings needs an uncommon mix if any married couple hopes to weather the endless storms that Life will throw at them through the years.

So, as you live your life today and always, aspire to attain balance within you, for Balance is the closest thing to perfection Man may ever see.

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  1. This is awesome. Everyone must seek to find balance. It is necessary. Thanks for this.

    1. Nwachukwu Uwakwe Jr. says:

      Thank you so much!

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