27. Billingsgate

‘Yeah. That’s it. Just the way I taught you. Ughhhhhhhhh!’

He grabs my head like he usually does, pushing and pulling me up and down. A movement I’ve gotten used to with time. 

‘Yesss. Oh yes! I’m coming sweetheart.’

Sweetheart. I remember the first day Tosin’s dad called me that. It meant something to me. Like I was special to him. He treated me so well, I even wished he was my daddy. 

I feel the hot thick liquid enter my mouth and I fight the urge to vomit. Will I ever get used to this? Should I get used to this? 

‘Look at me sweetheart. Now be a good girl and swallow. Remember what I told you, throwing up is a no no.’

I close my eyes and force the liquid down my throat. My eyes begin to sting. How long am I to remain here? How long am I to continue doing this with Tosin’s dad? What about Tosin? Why did he leave me here? 

‘No. Sweetheart, Lola, don’t cry, you know I don’t like it when you cry. You know what seeing your tears does to me.’

I feel something hard against my stomach and I can’t stop my body from shaking. 

He pulls me up and positions me on top of his hard part. I use the back of my hands to clean my tears. Maybe this time, his hard part will become soft once I stop crying… but it doesn’t. He pushes my legs aside and puts his finger inside my body. It doesn’t hurt as much as that first day. 

That day, he told me he would make me feel good after holding me like mummy used to. I didn’t know what he meant and I wanted to feel good but when he put his finger inside my body, it hurt so much that I cried and screamed. He beat me more than daddy ever had that day and locked me inside his closet without food. When he finally let me out, I told myself to never cry no matter what. 

‘Come on sweetheart. That’s it, you’re ready for me.’

I never understood what he meant when he first said that. All I knew was that he would push his hard part inside me after saying I’m ready for him. It was later I realised that I felt liquid there too. Is it the same type of liquid that comes out of Tosin’s dad’s hard part? 

The pain isn’t as bad as the time with daddy, it feels a lot better but it still hurts. The force of it hurts.

‘Ohhhh, sweetheart. Come on, call my name.’

With his hard part inside me, I slowly leaned towards his ear and whispered, ‘Papa.’ Just the way he taught me to. I regret doing this because he holds my bum bum so tight that it feels like he’s pinching me and then pushes himself into me. It hurts so much that I scream. 

‘Please. Please stop.’

I’m begging and crying because it’s just too much. Other times I’ve tried to hold back, to not cry or scream but not this time. I’m going to die. But he doesn’t listen, he just continues on. I hit his chest but he rolls and pins me to the bed while holding my arms above my head just the way daddy did. 

I feel the hot liquid inside me as if it’s entering inside my body and he falls on me. He shifts away from me a bit but places his hand on my chest. Something he usually does whenever he’s done with me. 

He plays with my chest a bit and I stop myself from pushing his hand away. Tosin’s dad told me that as long as I make him happy, he’ll give me food. Reminds me of what daddy told me too. I thought they were different but they are alike. 

His hands slowly move up to rest on my neck and tightens. I can’t breathe. What does he want to do? Didn’t I pleasure him? Didn’t I make him happy?

He pulls me closer to him by my neck till our faces are inches apart. The look in his eyes scares me more than the fact that I’m unable to breathe. 

‘The next time I’m enjoying myself while my dick is inside you and you hit me, I’ll kill you.’ 

He let’s go of my neck and I suck in air like it’s water, coughing while doing so. 

I quickly pick up my clothes which he made me remove earlier. 

‘What are you doing?’ 

I stop confused. Half standing, half bent. 

‘I asked what you’re doing.’

‘Picking up my clothes.’

‘Don’t. There’s no need. Just stand beside my bed while I freshen up.’ 

I stand beside his bed just like he asked me to. He turns on the air conditioner and walks into the bathroom. The room quickly gets cold and I’m shivering. My nipples go hard against the cold air but I dare not cover myself, I dare not wear my clothes. I’m too scared that he’ll actually kill me. 

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