Grey: Chapter 5


“There are numerous people with abilities out there. When you finally leave this place to start on your goal, you’ll meet a lot of them.” Raigo said, ruffling Zak’s hair.

“If you ever become their target, you must run first. But when you cannot run, you must fight. That is why I am training you. Now back to first stance.” Zak scowled but complied.

The memory flashed through Zak’s mind as he ran. He was soaked to the skin. Rain pelted him hard and the winds were beginning to pick up. Lightning flashed, the shadow that was hot on his heels was closing the distance fast. It was still some distance to Eugene’s inn. But that couldn’t be his destination anymore, that would only put the old man in trouble.

So he made a decision, he ducked left at the first intersection he saw and continued running. He ran past identical stone buildings on each side. All built in the same pattern and style. The architects either had no imagination or they had been in a hurry to finish the job.

He glanced back to see how close the woman had gotten and saw nothing. He couldn’t have lost her, when he left the inn she wasn’t even aware and yet she’d caught up to him. So then why had she suddenly disappe…… A shiver was all the warning Zak got as a kick came for his face. The kick hit his hands instead, which he had raised just in time to block his face. His hands still hit his face from the force and he was sent sprawling across the muddy ground. He barely had enough time to get his bearings before another kick caught him in the side and sent him sliding three feet away.

Lightning flashed. She came again, this time with a stomp. Zak was ready. He punched the sole of her boot, hard. Her eyes showed confusion, then recognition as she was sent flying backwards. Zak got on his feet and began to run. There was a blur and the woman was kicking his legs off the ground. He fell face first, into the mud. Some of it got in his mouth.

I see, so her ability has something to do with physical enhancement, most likely speed. So that’s why she was able to catch up so fast.

The woman put her boot on his back and spoke for the first time.

“Well that’s a surprise.” She said. ” I really didn’t expect you’d be an Obsidian too. It’s futile, running from me, that If you wanted to escape, you never should have let me catch up to you.”

When you cannot run, you must fight. It all happened so quickly, Zak vanished from beneath the woman. In the next second, his blow came for her temple from the side. It was so fast, Zak was sure she’d be on the ground in seconds and he’d be on his way to another Inn. But his punch hit empty air. Instead, his head jerked back violently and he was on the ground.


“I told you” he heard her say ” You can’t get away, it’s too late for that. I’ll be taking you back to the base. You’re under arrest for the assault of three officers. It’s a serious crime.” Her words were punctuated by rumbling thunder.

Zak was in total shock. She’d avoided that punch, he hadn’t even seen her move. So this was what it felt like to fight a seasoned ability user. Looks like I can’t hold back on this one.

He took in a full breath. As she bent to pick him up saying, “Resist one more time and I’ll take you there unconscious.” Zak’s eyes bled to full black and he swatted her hand away. She just shook her head in a manner that said “They don’t ever listen” and proceeded to kick Zak in the groin.

He smiled. Nice move. He caught her leg and shoved her backwards. That was when she saw his eyes and for the first time, he saw fear in hers.

She regained her balance and blurred. Or at least that was what she was supposed to do. But this time, Zak saw her every movement. She attacked from his side, aiming a kick at the back of his knee to bring him to the ground. Zak turned to meet the attack and kicked at her leg. Their legs met and they both inched back a little. Surprise was plain on her face. Zak used that opportunity to attack, he needed to take her out, the punch aimed straight at her face, she met his punch with hers and earned two broken fingers and a dislocated wrist. She screamed. Zak kicked her legs off the ground and knocked the air out of her, putting his knee on her back.

“How?” she asked. “You could barely see me minutes ago.”

Her fear was beginning to slip through now. It was almost palpable. Zak didn’t respond, he just gave her a sad look and knocked her out. Afterwards, he sat there panting for a few minutes before he picked up his bag. I can’t believe she made me use this much he thought. He took one last look at the woman and then left.

When he was only ten steps away, his vision doubled. Suddenly it became hard for him to move, he felt like he’d just stepped in thick mud. He tried to take another step but found himself kneeling on the ground. Lightning flashed. His head felt heavy. Sedative. He thought before he collapsed.

Meribel sat on the chair in her room, staring at the radiofone on the bed. The device was the smaller version of a radio, not much bigger than a mug. There was an antenna at the head, that picked up signals from another similar device, allowing for communication.

They’d found an Inn downtown to stay in for the night. Dockside. A fitting name, given its proximity to the docks. She’d requested three rooms, all close to each other. The owner gave her the keys without much talk. After that, they all retired to their rooms.

Now, here she sat, awaiting the call from Lady Luciela. She wanted to be done with this mission as soon as possible. She was discovering she didn’t quite like Port Edinas. In fact, she didn’t like it at all. The storm was still raging. She hoped and prayed it would be done by morning, else they would have to work with the weather and she hated rain. To top it off, the town smelled of salt and dead fish. She still hadn’t eaten the fish soup she’d ordered. She’d told the owner she wanted something hot and steamy to warm her. When the serving girl had brought it up, she was eager to put something warm in her. Then she’d seen the fish and thought better of it. It sat there now, cold.

The radiofone began to fizzle. Meribel quickly picked up the small device and drew out the antenna at the top. After some seconds. The static sound cleared and a voice spoke.

“Meribel, can you hear me?”

“Yes lady, I can.” Meribel replied. “Good.” the voice said. “Now report.”

Meribel proceeded to summarize the events of the day to the lady.

There was a long pause and then a reply. “An Obsidian tailed you.” It was not a question. Meribel kept quiet.

“It must not happen again, do I make myself clear?”

“Yes lady” Meribel replied. “Good.” the voice said. Then continued. “The target has been moved, our informant may not be privy to her next location. So I am giving you her name. Enquire from the officers when you get there. Her name is Selie Viper.”
“Yes lady.”
“Good, by this time tomorrow, I expect to hear from you.”

The radiofone fizzled once again and was silent.
Meribel sighed, dropped the radiofone and lay on the bed.

“Selie Viper, see ya tomorrow.” she said.

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