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So, I was going through the Twitter trend search machine when I noticed with bated breath that Candace Owens was trending.

I’m sure many of us reading this have no idea who she is. I’ll try to give you an idea.

Candace is a foremost Trump supporter and a major black stalwart of the Republican Party in the United States. She has been known by a cross section of Americans to espouse beliefs considered largely antithetical to that of African Americans.

Majority of African Americans do not like Donald Trump, but she is remarkably vociferous as to her support of him and his policies. Her views on Race Relations have provoked nothing but deep ire from many African Americans, who regard her as a sellout, and Progressive Americans, who are on the Left ideologically, also disagree with her beliefs. The Conservatives love her because she echoes the sentiments many white people are afraid to voice out, because of their fear of being tagged racist.

I know you may wonder what all I have said has to do with anything, but I’ll ask you to be patient and stick with me.

Shortly after the death of George Floyd (I’ll bring this up fully on another day), she posted a seventeen minute long video making the assertion that while George Floyd did not deserve to die the way he did, he was a common criminal and as such, did not deserve the attention he was getting.

Believe me when I say that African Americans and Progressives lost their minds because of that alone. Few days later she upped the ante by stating that there was no racism in the United States. The furore got worse. As I type, she may be preparing to cause another tweetstorm. However, that is not why I brought this up.

I refer to all of these because of the statement that she made referring to an author who wrote that out of all the races on Earth, the black community has proven to be one which celebrates the lowest of the low in their immediate society. She also went ahead to state why she thought it was harmful to elevate “criminals” like George Floyd simply because he died due to police malice. She goes ahead to say that plenty criminals, or people in the US who were white have been wrongly killed by law enforcement and no placard was raised in protest. She also suggested that as a result of this, black people seem an emotionally charged race who are always susceptible to people who will always cash in on their volatility to manipulate them.

I respect her views on this particular matter, but I wish to politely disagree, based on a Pan-African perspective.
This is why:

First of all, there is no such thing as black people celebrating a criminal. George Floyd may have had a troubled past, but nowhere in the world should the police kill off a criminal in that troubling manner. He died a dog’s death, to put it mildly. In contrast, Dylan Roof who shot up a church and killed eight people was humanely treated before he was put in police custody. He was even allowed to have a meal before he was taken away. A huge contrast in treatment, don’t you think?

Secondly, I fail to understand why past dirt is always dug up whenever a person of color is killed. When Botham Jean was killed in his OWN apartment by police officer Amber Guyger, it was quickly dug up that he had marijuana in his apartment. Not sure how that relates to his unjust demise or anything, but okay.

Third, if you, Candace Owens, seriously believe there exists no racism within the United States, mostly its Justice system, then I doubt that you’re being objective. You may contend that more whites die at the hands of the police than blacks, but you forget that whites represent close to 75% of the entire American population. Invariably there will be higher numbers for whites in any type of societal measure conceivable. It is the proportion of black men killed by the police with regard to the general number of black men that causes most worry.

It is also funny that you, Candace Owens who filed a discrimination lawsuit in 2007, 13 years ago, are the one saying that racism is non-existent. So a phenomenon as endemic as racism which has subsisted for over 600 years, was fantastically wiped out in 13 years since you last admitted to the existence of racism on record? I’ll leave you to answer that.

In the final analysis, you need to understand that Black people just want to be treated fairly. They just want to be treated with some dignity. No one wants preferential treatment. If the Police apprehends a black criminal, he should be treated the way you would a white criminal. Fairness is not too much to ask for. My prayer for you, Candace Owens, is that one day, you will escape the Plantation you have put yourself in.

We need to work toward having a Justice system that focuses on punishing evil doing with a view to correct and re-integrate reformed wrongdoers into the society. Partaking in a crime necessitates punishment. It is important that we alter the course of the justice system to focus on reformation, as well as punishment.

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