33. Billingsgate


How am I a toy? Do I look like a Teddy bear? 

But I don’t say anything. I don’t want Tosin’s daddy to be angry, and hit me again. 

‘Wear your clothes sweetheart, you’re going for a little drive.’

He moves away from me and pulls out a jacket from his closet. 


The last time I was in a car was with daddy and he left me here. 

Does Tosin’s daddy want to leave me somewhere just like daddy? 

‘Please. Please don’t leave me somewhere like daddy.’ 

Tosin’s daddy turns to look at me. He opens his mouth to say something then closes it again. 

I watch him walk towards me and I’m scared. 

Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything. 

‘Don’t worry sweetheart. I’m here with you.’ 

BAM!!! 💥 


I’m barely able to open my eyes as I see someone wrestling Da… Dozie to the ground. And then someone is at my side. 

‘Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I knew it. I knew when you didn’t send your address something was wrong.’

Is that Ruth? I smile to myself and I can feel fresh blood ooze out of my lips. 

I’ve never heard Ruth swear like this. 

‘It’s a good thing I was watching. We will get you out of here. Just hold on. Don’t you fucking die on me!’

I hear another loud bang and try as much as possible to move my head in the direction of the sound. A loud scream comes from the direction. Is that Naomi? 

‘Naomi!!!! Noooooo!’

I’m suddenly alone again as Ruth leaves my side. 

What’s happening? I wish I could see better, do more… I wish I could just die. 

I’m watching as Tosin’s daddy whispers something to a man. I’ve never seen this man before. He watches me as Tosin’s daddy speaks to him. It’s the look mummy gives me whenever I hurt myself. 

The man opens the door for me and I enter. Once I do, he goes around to the driver’s seat and closes his door. I turn to see Tosin’s Daddy. He’s standing near the door to the house. 

Won’t he join me in the car? 

Why is he just standing there? 

I hear the car make a soft sound, it’s not as loud as the one Daddy’s car made. I turn back to look at Tosin’s Daddy but he’s walking away, walking back into the house. The car begins to move away from the house. I’m scared. Tosin’s Daddy lied to me. He said he’ll be with me but he’s leaving me. Just like Daddy left me. 

I open my eyes again to see Dozie on top of someone; Naomi? Ruth? I’m not able to make out who but the person’s arms are moving about wildly. My head banging, I turn to my left and see Tosin. His head is slumped and hands are laying still at his side, the knife still jotting out of it. 

‘H… el….p me. Urghh…’ 

I hear someone‘a muffled voice. Ruth? Naomi? I use my left arm to push myself towards Tosin’s body. 

If I can just get that knife.

I feel fresh blood ooze out of my open wounds as I slide against the floor, inch by inch until my hand curves around the knife. I try to pull it out but I’m exhausted. Dragging myself across the floor was too much for my body. 

‘Damn it! Fuck! You think your dumb roommates could stop me?’

I’m barely able to breath. My lungs feel like they’re on fire with every breath I manage to take. 

‘One bullet. I saved one bullet for you and now I had to use it on your fucking roommate.’

A strong pair of arms wrap around me and pull me away from Tosin’s body, flinging me against the wall. 

I hear a sharp crack as my body connects with the wall and I fall to the ground. Just before I hit the ground, I curve my body in a way to reduce the impact. My side hits the ground and I scream in anguish. 

‘Yes! That’s the sound I want to hear! Scream in pain for me!’ 

As I cough, I taste blood in my mouth. 

Come on Lola. Don’t pass out yet. You need to finish what you started. 

My vision blurry, I watch as Dozie approaches me. His arms come around my neck and the pressure is heavy. Using every strength I can muster, I move my left hand which is cradling the knife I pulled off Tosin’s body when Dozie threw me and push it as deep as I can into Dozie’s neck. 

Immediately, the pressure on my neck is lifted and I swallow air. I watch as Dozie moves backwards, violently struggling with the knife in his neck. He trips and hits his head on the edge of the table before falling to the ground. 

I’m unable to move, my body, mind, soul is tired. 

Is it over? Is Dozie dead? 

I glance at him but he doesn’t move. 

Naomi, Ruth… I’m sorry for dragging you both into my pathetic life. 

My breathing is slowing down and my mind wanders… 

‘Hey little girl.’

I look up at the man who drove the car. 

‘There’s no need to cry. Be happy you’re away from that man. He’s not a good person.’

He uses his hands to clean my cheeks. 

‘Where am I? Where are we?’

I look around to see where we are but I don’t know. The man says nothing for a while. He takes me by the hand and leads me to a door in a quiet area. It looks like a good place for hide and seek. I watch him as he knocks at a door once and then again. A thin old looking woman opens the door almost immediately. There’s a small cloud coming out of the paper in her mouth. 

‘This?’ She points her finger at me. ‘How old is she?’



I see her remove the paper from her mouth and hold it between her fingers.

‘He really likes them young huh.’

She looks at me. ‘Turn around girl.’ 

I obey without question. Tosin’s daddy’s words are clear in my head. The woman smiles.

‘She’s obedient. Easier to train. What’s your name, girl?’ 


‘You’re Ola from now on.’

Then she looks back at the man that brought me and stretches her arm to him. I watch him bring out something from his pocket and put it in her hand. She in turn puts it where her breasts are. I giggle a bit. 

Does she have pockets there? 

‘If that’s all let’s go inside. Come Ola.’


The woman stops and looks at him. 

‘Can I have a moment with her.’

The woman says nothing for a while.

‘30 seconds.’

Then she enters inside and closes the door.

‘I’ll make this quick. Here.’

I watch as he brings out something from his pocket and drop it in my hand. 

‘Whenever you want an escape. This will help.’

Before I could say anything, the door flies open and the woman steps out.

‘Times up. She’s mine now. Come on girl.’

I open my hand to see the gold watch Daddy asked me to take from Tosin’s daddy and I hide it in my cloth.

‘Don’t worry girl, I’m going to teach you all I know about pleasuring and being pleasured. Ola, this is your new home. Billingsgate.’ 

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