Freaky Fridays

Death my Friend

“you are a friend of the dark, gloom is your ally”

Every night your voices echo as i sleep

Then like a dark mirage they come alive in my dream

Your cold fingers running through my neck

Then the whisper from behind.. It says “I am the voice of the dead”

“You have been chosen to lead the unliving” it said….  Why me?? I thought…

“You are evil purity”

“Your heart is clean with darkness”

“You and chaos are in unity”

“You love hate… your mind is lifeless!”

..wake up and embrace your truth!

As I wake with darkness around I see the proof

You are there waiting oh death

No form but I feel your diabolical presence surround me!

As you embrace me you corrupt i need you to possess me!

I am yours! What must I do!…  Let your darkness whisper to me…

“Take the life of the one you love and feed your soul with it”

..but i can’t! 

“Yes you can! Rise my child”

As I rise from my sleep, my door creaks open.. “Are you okay son??”

“Father? I’m troubled please come closer…”  I said

And as the footsteps approach I grasp the handle of knife I never knew I had in my hand…

“What’s the matter son? Another nightmare?”

“I am better now father…” I said and then with a swift swing… I slam the knife deep into his neck!

And as he went down with blood splashing out of his neck… I smiled cheerfully and was filled with a darkness i could not explain but enjoyed.

“This is who you are my child… this is your destiny” the whisper said…

And then i wake up suddenly….again

It’s dark, I feel I’m being watched… I look to my window and I see your head horns and dark bloodshot eyes, with a smile showing fangs of horror..

As I make to scream I hear whimpering and choking sounds… I look down and I see him in his pool of blood, and then I feel the knife in my hand covered in blood and then…

I look up and there you are again enveloping my aura with your beautiful darkness and you say with a deep but soft echoed voice…

         Take my hand child!    

A short story by Olayiga Soremekun  


                                             – YIGA

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  1. Korn says:

    I love this, kiva. Marry me.

    1. Lmao! I’m not even the one that wrote it

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