Grey: Chapter 7


Zak opened his eyes to darkness. Deep, black darkness. His head was banging, someone must have hit it pretty hard. He tried to remember previous events, but he only got more pain for his troubles before deciding to try again when his head stopped aching. He directed his attention towards his surroundings and realized two things;

His hands and feet were bound tightly and he was being carried by someone. He could also hear footsteps.

Damn you Zakaria! Always putting yourself in trouble. This doesn’t look like it’s going to be easy to get out of. He thought to himself.  

He hadn’t felt a chill since he came to, it meant the person or people escorting him weren’t ability users. If they didn’t have firearms, it would be much better to act now.

He reached for his ability but it was like grasping water with one’s palm. After several tries, he stopped and realized these people must have fed him Shade. Which means they knew he had an ability. Damnit! This was going to be one hell of an experience.

After realizing he couldn’t use his ability, Zak stayed quiet for a while and tried to remember what happened before now. It took some time, but he finally did, and he knew who these people were and where he was.

They were the empire’s officers and he was in the prison. This was both good and bad for him.

It was good because the mysterious person he was looking for was here and bad because his ability was incapacitated.

He could hear more footsteps behind him, which meant more people to deal with. Trying to free himself now would only result in worse complications and more injuries, so he ditched the idea and let himself be carried along.

Soon, they came to a stop and Zak heard the jingling of keys, then a key was turned in a lock and a door was opened. The air from the room smelt damp and disgusting. 

What a nice way to build a prison, everywhere is dark so the prisoners don’t even know where they are and where to go if they escape. Zak thought.

The person carrying him dropped him. His bounds were removed and he was thrown into the room. Before he could even move, the door was shut and locked once again.

Zak sighed and inhaled, or atleast he tried to before the stinking odour of this place hit him and he immediately stopped.

He lay there for some time silently cursing his luck before he sat up. That was when he noticed the tiny bit of light in the room coming from a corner adjacent him. The light illuminated a very small path of the room.

Gods! a window. Zak thought.

He quickly rushed to the source of the light and was rewarded with a tiny window. It was more like a square hole, his hands couldn’t even go through it, but at least his nose could. He quickly put his nose to the hole, hoping to breathe fresh air, but he was shocked to discover that the horrible odour originated from the other side of the hole. Gagging instantly, he threw his face away.  He then lay on the wall and thought about how he got here.

“Zakaria, you have a bad temper, and if you don’t learn to control it, it will become a weakness to you.”

Zak heard Raigo’s voice saying. It really did become his weakness. Now he was locked up in a dark cell at Port Edinas. Although this wasn’t the first time he had been locked up in a cell, this was the first time he was locked up without access to his abilities. He didn’t know how long it would take for the Shade to wear off. He’d never been dosed with it before.

Zak didn’t panic. He’d been in many situations to know that every problem had a solution. He needed to find a way out of this cell and find that person, then he would leave Port Edinas as fast as he could.

As he began to make his plans, a cold chill ran down his spine. It was so cold that he shivered and his teeth began chattering. Zak turned his head towards the direction the chill came from and what he saw almost made him scream.

*    *    *

Selie was led back to her cell, after eating lunch, some brown gruel with hard bread. The guard locked her in and  left. Selie sat on the bed and went back to the events of the day.

After the introduction that morning, Mynas had given her a knife and told her to wield it against him. The knife was curved and the blade was smooth. With the knife in hand, she figured she could at least harm Mynas and ease some of her frustration but all she did was make a fool of herself. Mynas was never were she thought he was when she attacked, and she was always on the ground by the time she realized. She had bruises all over her body.
After, Mynas told her to summon her ability. Even with it, all her efforts were fruitless. She could feel the power inside her, the intimacy with the atmosphere and the elements but she had absolutely no idea how to use that connection to manifest changes in the environment.

“You’re blocking yourself and you don’t even know why” Mynas had told her.

He explained that there was a mental connection between one’s abilities and themselves, and this connection enabled them control their abilities. Since this was the case, he surmised that she had a mental block. 

He moved on to drills with Phose and Fera and although they weren’t Obsidians, they were better than her in combat. Fera even managed to scratch Mynas a few times. By noon, Mynas ended the training and they were escorted to the lunch room. Several times on the way, she tried talking to Phose and Fera, but they just ignored her while glancing pitifully at her. She was annoyed that these people she didn’t even know had already sealed her fate for her in their minds.

Selie stood up from the bed and looked at herself in the mirror and thought. As long as there’s life, there’s always hope.

As she sat back down. She heard a key turn in the lock of her cell door.  When it opened, there was a young dark skinned girl standing in the doorway instead of a guard as usual. Selie was surprised and began to wonder why someone like this showed up at her cell.
Was there going to be another lesson?

However the words the girl spoke next shocked her.

“You’re Selie Viper right?” The girl said as she cocked her head. “Quick, we don’t have time, I’m here to save you.”

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