The Affair

28. The Affair

Just as the saying goes; You can force a horse to the stream but you can’t make it drink water. You can’t force a person to change when they are not ready or willing to. It must start from within. A conscious decision to do and be better.  

‘Ebuka. I’m warning you. Stop this.’ 

Ebuka had an evil glint in his eyes. 

‘That’s the best you could come up with?’ he shook his head in disgust. ‘You don’t deserve Eva. You’re so weak and pathetic i’m sure I could be fucking Eva right in front of you and you would still be unable to…’

This time, Kosi’s punch connected with Ebuka’s face. The force and shock caused Ebuka to stagger a bit. Kosi walked up to him, his entire body seething and shaking with anger. 

‘Don’t you ever, ever lay your filthy hands on my wife again!’

Ebuka’s shock was quickly hidden and then he laughed.  

‘You must be mistaken. The woman laying down in that hospital bed is my fiancé.’

Kosi’s eyes darkened in absolute and pure hatred. 

‘Fate has given me another chance with Eva and believe me when I say that I don’t intend to waste it.’

Then he looked at Kosi with pity and disgust.

‘…unlike you.’

Then he turned to go back inside Eva’s hospital room. As he was about to enter Kosi stopped him with his words, ‘Mark my words Ebuka. I will definitely make Eva remember me. I swear it.’

Ebuka said nothing more as he opened the door to Eva’s room and entered inside.  

Knock knock 

Ebuka didn’t bother looking up to see who it was. His gaze remained focused on a sleeping Eva. 

‘So you really want to ruin their marriage.’ 

Ebuka slowly lifted his head to stare into the face of Hope. 

‘And you are?’ 


At first, there was a confused look on Ebuka’s face before realization dawned on him.

‘Kosi’s friend?’

‘Best friend.’ 

‘Oh. Is that so?’ Hope nodded. ‘And from the previous conversation I had with Kosi, you double as his shrink.’ 

Hope said nothing in response as she quickly threw a glance at a sleeping Eva and then turned to face Ebuka. 

‘Can we speak outside?’ 

Ebuka raised an eyebrow. 

‘And why should I listen to you?’  

‘Because I can help you get what you want.’ she smirked.

‘What do you think I want?’

Hope tilted her head at Eva and he smiled. 

‘I think I’ll take you up on your offer.’

Hope smiled in return as they both walked out of the hospital room. 

‘Let us have a seat and…’

‘No. There’s no need. Talk or I leave.’ 

Hope leaned against the wall. ‘Straight to the point?’ 

‘Time is not something I enjoy wasting.’ Then he looked at Hope pointedly, his face losing the smile it once had. ‘Especially when I see no usefulness in wasting it.’ 


‘I’m listening. How can you help?’

‘There is something Kosi did that if you tell Eva, she will definitely leave him and be with you.’ 

Ebuka crossed his arms and leaned against the wall. Two nurses passed by the door. Neither of them said anything until after the nurses turned the corner. 

‘Why should I care? Right now, I have Eva exactly where I want her.’ 

‘Well, that may be true. Considering she must have had a thing for you for her to even allow you to touch her.’

Ebuka laughed. ‘Kosi talks a lot doesn’t he?’

‘I’m his best friend. Of course he will tell me about the man that is trying to steal his wife away.’ 

‘I see.’ Ebuka said laughing. ‘That doesn’t change the fact that I have Eva where I want her.’ 

‘For now.’ 

Ebuka stopped laughing. 

‘What do you plan to do when Eva’s memories return? Hmm?’

Ebuka’s face hardened.


‘I want Kosi.’

Ebuka was taken aback. 

‘Kosi? I… you know what, I won’t question your taste in men but I do find it interesting. I thought he was your best friend?’

‘And what does that have to do with anything?’ 

‘Interesting. Don’t you want him to be happy? Don’t you want him to be with his wife?’

‘I thought someone like you would understand what it means to do whatever you can in order to get what you want.’

Ebuka remained silent as he watched Hope. 

This could really be an interesting turn of events.  

‘Fine. You have my full intention. How can I help? What information do you have on Kosi that will make Eva never look his way again?’ 

‘On one condition.’

‘Conditions? Ok. What is your condition?’

‘This has to be your idea. Kosi must never know I’m the one that told you anything.’ 

Ebuka uncrossed his arms and pushed himself away from the wall, moving closer to her. 

‘I see you want to continue playing the role of the ever caring best friend.’

Hope smiled. ‘You know.’ 

‘Deal. What is it?’

‘We had sex.’

‘You and Kosi?!’

Hope seemed a bit shy under Ebuka’s gaze. ‘Yes. We did.’

Ebuka looked at Hope, really looked at her. 

‘You don’t seem to be his type.’ Then he shook his head. ‘What a fucking hypocrite. After everything. After all that talk, he was even worse.’

Hope just watched him. 

‘When did this happen?’

‘Uhmm… it’s… the night of Eva’s accident.’  

Ebuka laughed. He laughed so hard that some of the people walking around the corridor had to stop to see if he was ok. 

‘Oh fucking hell! This is the best thing I’ve heard in weeks. Fuck! Wow!’

He started laughing again. 

‘Hope, I am pleased that this wasn’t a waste of my time. And trust me, Eva will definitely hear from me all that Kosi did with you.’ 

Hope watched Ebuka. She could literally see the gears working in his head as he was lost in thought, absorbing the information she had just given him.

Was it really a good idea telling and trusting him with this information? What if he tells Kosi behind my back. No. It’s too late to go back and no matter what happens, if Ebuka tries anything, I can always tell Kosi that Ebuka lied. He will definitely believe me over Ebuka.

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