The Affair

29. The Affair

How far are you willing to go in order to get what your heart deeply desires? 

After waiting an entire day, Hope stood outside Kosi’s house. He wasn’t picking her calls and she wanted to speak with him. For the most part, she genuinely wanted to know how he was doing. If by doing so she found out whether or not Kosi was still clueless about her deal with Ebuka then that’s fine. 

Letting out a deep sigh, she tried knocking again.

‘Kosi ooo! Come and open the door!’ 

There was still no answer. Just as she’s about to leave, the door opened to reveal a disheveled looking Kosi. 


Kosi grunted when he looked at Hope and turned back into the house leaving the door open for Hope to come in. Hope entered and locked the door behind her. 

‘Ok! He didn’t slam the door in my face. That’s a good sign. Seems Ebuka kept his word… so far at least.’ 


She had to walk quickly to catch up with Kosi who was already heading back into his bedroom. 

‘Are you okay? You seem so depressed. What is wrong?’

Without a word, Kosi glanced at his already opened bedroom door and then at Hope. They both had the same thought as Kosi closed the door and collapsed on the parlour couch. Hope allowed him a few seconds before joining him.

‘Kosi you… What the heck is that smell?!’

Hope got up from the couch, her nose in the air as she tried to locate the cause of the stench. Her eyes widened in triumph as she realised the smell came from the kitchen. Without thinking, she rushed to open the door and immediately closed it in horror when she saw the state it was in.

‘Kay! Did something or someone die in your kitchen? It smells like there’s a rotting corpse in there.’

Kosi scoffed. 

‘How the heck would you know how that smells?’

‘Cause I do! Dude, I know you’re sad and depressed about your wife but this…’ she says pointing to the kitchen. ‘…is the beginning of a genetic mutation. I have seen those movies, and they never end well!’

‘Ouch. Hurt my feelings why don’t you.’

‘Honey, the stench emanating from that kitchen killed whatever empathy I had for you.’

Kosi smiled as Hope rejoined him on the couch.

‘I’ve missed you.’

Kosi didn’t reply. 

‘I’m sorry about that night. I don’t know what I was thinking. The whole you, Eva and that Ebuka guy situation just pissed me off. We’ve been friends for so long it upset me that Eva was playing you like that and then being with you… I just… and… urghhh.’

Hope released a deep sigh and cradled her head in her palms.

‘This sounded so much better in my head.’

Then she turned to Kosi.

‘Please say something. You’re too quiet.’

Kosi released a deep sigh. 

‘I’ve missed you too.’

Hope reached out to hug Kosi and he let her. 

‘Now that we have hugged it out and made up can you please do something about that horror movie waiting to happen that you call your kitchen?!’

Kosi chuckled. 

‘Ah ah! Aunty it haff do jor!’

Hope laughed a little before going quiet again. 

‘Kosi… I…’ 

‘Hope, you don’t need to apologise anymore. You didn’t force me to sleep with you. If anything I should have stopped you. How could I have accused Eva of allowing her emotions get the better of her when I did the exact same thing in anger.’ 

He sighed. 

‘See eh, if anything I should be the one apologizing to you. Not only did I use you to let out steam, I pushed you away immediately after. I’m worse scum than Ebuka.’ 

Hope sat up, alarmed by his declaration. 

‘Now hold up. We both agree that Ebuka is scum. We share an invisible pact of hate for him for trying to ruin your marriage. I know that what we did was wrong but how does that make you worse than Ebuka?’ She leaned closer to Kosi before continuing. ‘Ebuka doesn’t care who he hurts but you do. Contrary to what you think, I am of the opinion that you are a very sweet man. Why would you ever think yourself worse than Ebuka?’ 

Kosi leaned back on the couch and looked up.

‘Because from the very beginning, Ebuka was straightforward about his intentions. He so carelessly chased after Eva. I knew it. And he made it so clear but what did I do? I shouted at Eva, accused her of sleeping with him, threw her out of our house when I should have calmed down to listen to her and then had sex with my best friend. Maybe fate really is giving Ebuka a second chance. I don’t deserve Eva.’

Hope watched him silently, listening to his every word. 

‘And now she’s in the hospital, her memories of me erased. Amnesia! The damn thing, and only God knows the lies Ebuka is feeding her right this moment! And I feel so useless because she seems scared of me. Of me?! Her husband!’

Kosi took in a deep breath before releasing it. Then he turned to look at Hope.

‘Do you want to know the most ironic thing about this situation? I’m scared. Scared that she’ll finally remember and hate me.’

Then he rested his head on the couch again. 

‘Hate me for all the dumb, stupid, horrible things I’ve done to her and the different times and ways I hurt her. I’m scared that she’ll hate me for ruining our marriage and that she’ll immediately run back to Ebuka. So yeah, a part of me doesn’t want her to remember. I’m so pathetic.’ Kosi said as he placed his face in his palms. 

‘Are you done?’

Kosi looked at Hope in shock.

‘Excuse me?’

‘You’re excused and that’s why I’m asking if you’re done. If you’re done planning this pity party for just you because I’m not enjoying it.’

‘Hope can’t you just…’ 

‘No. I can’t just anything! After all this time you still haven’t learnt a fucking thing!’

Kosi looks at Hope, confused. 

‘What do you mean?! I have! I’ve accepted my mistakes.’

‘And then? Now that you’ve accepted your mistake, what next?’


‘So the next thing is to feel sorry for yourself and do absolutely nothing while Ebuka whispers sweet nothings to your wife?! You weak ass motherfucker! I can’t believe we are friends and have been friends for so long! Man up and go get your wife!’

‘But she doesn’t remember me. It’s Ebuka she remembers…’


Kosi continued staring at her.

‘I said so fucking what?! Make her remember you! Bring out your wedding photos! Call family members! Do whatever the fuck it takes to get your wife back and make her remember you. So what if she finds out about how much of a scummy wimp you were?’ Kosi winced. ‘That’s what it means to take responsibility for your actions and own up to your shit! No matter what happens, Eva needs to know the truth and you need to get Ebuka out of your life once and for all. Be the Alpha!’

‘Yeah. You’re right.’

‘Damn right I’m right!’ She replied, crossing her legs. ‘Now march inside that bedroom of yours and find any evidence that you and Eva were married!’

‘Yes ma’am!’

Kosi stood up from the couch and quickly rushed into the bedroom leaving a smirking Hope in the parlour. 

‘That should prevent him from suspecting me. Now it’s up to Ebuka to play his part and I’ll be here to pick up the pieces. There’s no way in hell that I’ll allow Eva to steal Kosi away from me again.’

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