The Affair

31. The Affair


In Law, there’s something we call, Res Ipsa Loquitur which means, The facts speak for themselves.

‘Ok! I think I have everything I need.’

Hope turned at the sound of Kosi’s voice and her jaw dropped in surprise. In Kosi’s right hand was a bag which contained a beautiful off white wedding gown wrapped in a plastic bag and a bouquet of artificial pink and white roses. In his left hand, a bag containing a large photo album with a picture of himself and Eva -a wide smile on their faces- plastered in front of it. 

‘Oh wow.’ Hope said in shock.

Kosi looked at the items in his hands and then at Hope. ‘Too much?’

Hope started shaking her head but quickly changed to a nod. ‘Uhm… a bit… a lot. We want her to believe that you’re her husband not think you’re obsessed or something.’ she replied moving closer to him. She picked up the photo album and gave a tight smile. ‘I think the photo album is enough proof. You can leave the rest behind.’ 

Kosi threw Hope an unsure expression but she dropped the photo album on the dining table before calmly placing her hand on his shoulder. She slid her hand down to his hands that were still clutching onto the wedding memorabilias. Releasing a sigh, Kosi allowed Hope to take the items from him and place them on the floor.

‘Kosi, I understand you’re pumped and desperately want to prove to Eva that she’s your wife. But rushing into her hospital room with all this stuff will only overwhelm her.’

He scratched his head before walking away from Hope towards the sofa. He allowed himself to drop onto the sofa, closed his eyes and relaxed his head on the headrest.

‘I know you’re right. You’re absolutely right.’ He began after a short pause. ‘It’s just that… I…’

Kosi scrubbed his face with his hand in frustration before getting up from the sofa. 

‘Seeing Ebuka… seeing him kiss… urghhh!’ 

He got up and began pacing the parlour. Hope watched him quietly. 

‘I just really want her to remember me you know… it’s hard. It’s painful watching the person you love, that you’ve spent years of your life knowing, look at you like you’re a stranger.’

Hope bent her head a hint of a smile on her face before masking it with a straight face. 

Kosi stopped pacing and stared right at Hope. For a moment, Hope was worried that Kosi noticed the smile that was on her face and opened her mouth in a panic to explain why when he spoke.  

‘And when I tried to approach her she moved away from me. She was scared. Of me! I made her scared!’ 

He threw his hands in the air and walked towards the parlour door. Hope calmly let out the breath she didn’t realise she was holding till that moment. Kosi finally turned around and walked straight to Hope, facing her. The look in his eyes was wild. 

‘That’s why… that’s why I have to prove to her. To make her remember me. I want her to know and understand the levels I’ll go for her. How much I love her and how deeply she affects me. I want her to know and understand that.’

Hope stared into Kosi’s eyes, the way Kosi spoke about Eva made her chest heavy. She turned away from him. 

‘Yeah.’ Her voice came out shaky at first. ‘Yeah.’ She repeated with more force than she intended to. ‘You’re right. And I completely understand.’ Then she plastered on a bright smile. ‘I’m here to support you. After all, what are friends for?’ 

Kosi caught Hope off guard by pulling her into a deep hug.  

‘Thanks Hope. Thank you so much. You’ve been nothing but good to me even when I’ve been a whiny bitch and a horrible friend.’ 

He held her arms and pushed her way from him in order to look into her eyes. Hope looked away from him, guilt registered on her face.

‘I’m sorry.’ 

‘What was that?’ Kosi asked when he noticed Hope slowly removing herself from his grasp.

‘Nothing.’ She laughed shakily before adding, ‘Let’s go make Eva remember you!.’

Kosi smiled and mouthed a thank you to Hope. She returned it with a tight smile. 

‘Does that mean I can bring all this stuff?’

He looked at Hope with a hopeful expression but she shook her head. 

‘Definitely not a good idea.’

‘Alright fine. Just the photo album.’ He replied as he picked it up. 

‘Knock knock. Can I come in?’

Without waiting for a response, Ebuka walked into Eva’s hospital room. A bouquet of flowers in his hands and a wide smile on his lips.

‘How’s my best woman doing today?’

Eva sat up and smiled at Ebuka.

‘Best woman huh?’

‘You know it!’

He walked over to the other side of the bed, dropped the flowers on the table by the bed and reached out to give Eva a bear hug. Eva returned the hug before letting him go. 

‘Scoot over for me.’ He said motioning with his hands for Eva to shift. 

‘Excuse you but I’m the patient and last I checked this is my bed.’ She stated while folding her arms stubbornly. ‘If anyone should shift it’s you… out of my bed.’

Eva struggled to keep her face straight but she is soon laughing. Ebuka placed his hand affectionately on her cheeks. Eva stopped laughing. They were both stuck in each other’s gaze before Ebuka removed his hand from her cheek and sat down on the edge of the bed. Eva shifted so that he could be more comfortable.

‘I see you’re in a good mood today.’

She nodded her head in agreement, a bright smile on her face. 

‘I am.’

‘What has got you in such a good mood?’

‘I can’t really place it… I just am. I’m generally feeling better and Doctor Audu said I can finally leave this hospital in a few days. No more hospital food and drugs so that’s definitely good news for me.’

‘For us. Let me know a day before you’re scheduled to leave so I can set things up for you in our house.’

Eva played with her fingers and looked shyly away from Ebuka. Ebuka placed his hand under her chin to steer her eyes back to his.

‘What’s wrong?’

Eva refused to meet his gaze but looked down at her fingers. 

‘It’s just… I’m not sure I want to stay with you yet.’

Ebuka released his hold on her chin and stared at Eva. 

‘I know you said that you are… that we are en… engaged but… I’m not 100% sure because of my memory and the last thing I want to do is enter into a relationship that I’m unsure of.’

Ebuka looked away, a pained expression on his face. Eva placed a comforting hand on Ebuka’s.

‘Please understand, it’s not that I don’t believe you but… I just want to be sure.’

‘How long?’


‘How long are you going to continue eluding me?!’

Eva jerked her hand away when she saw how intensely Ebuka looked at her. 

‘We were engaged before this damn accident that took away your memories and even then you cheated on me and now, now you’re trying to cheat me out of a life with you!’

‘What? Ebuka what are you saying?’

‘I’m saying, Eva…’ His voice softened as he shifted closer to Eva, his palm caressing her face. Eva felt a bit apprehensive at the quick switch in his attitude but ignored it. ‘I love you and nothing would please me more than seeing you back where you belong.’ 

‘And where is that.’ Eva asked.

‘In our house, in your kitchen and in our bed.’ 

Then he captured her lips with his. 

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