The Affair

35. The Affair


Nothing stings worse than the betrayal of a person you hold dear and nothing annoys more than the hypocrisy of a person you once held in high esteem.

When Eva finally came to, she was alone in her hospital room with Doctor Audu. 

‘Mmm… Doctor?’ Eva murmured, still a bit groggy. 

Doctor Audu who was standing by the window left it to stand by her bedside. 

‘I see you’re awake… and finally calm.’ He said with a smile.

Eva yawned loudly, her eyes that were half closed suddenly flew open in realization as she quickly scanned the room.

‘Where is everyone? Kosi?’ 

‘Wherever they’re supposed to be at….’ he turned his wrist to check the time. ‘… 9:37pm in the night. After you kicked them out.’ He added with a chuckle.

‘Oh!’ Eva gasped as she sat up and looked out the window, finally noticing it was dark outside. 

‘Then what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be home too?’ 

The concern he heard in her voice made him smile. He pulled up a chair closer to Eva’s bed and sat down. 

‘I’m on duty tonight. Also,’ he added patting Eva’s arm, ‘I didn’t want my favorite patient to wake up by herself after the very heated conversation she had just before going under.’

Eva relaxed on the bed with a deep sigh. 

‘I remember everything.’

Doctor Audu nodded his head as if deep in thought. 

‘Yes. Seeing your reaction to Kosi clued me in.’

Eva sighed again. 

‘It happened while I was talking to Ebuka. I can’t believe he’s been lying to me all along.’ 

Eva scrubbed her face with her right hand which was free of the intravenous drip.

‘He sat right there, where you’re sitting right now, holding my arm, touching me, kissing me! Lying to me! Making me believe that we were engaged to be married!’

Eva choked at that last part. Doctor Audu squeezed her hand to reassure and give her whatever strength he could before removing it. Eva smiled at him, grateful for the gesture. 

‘It was important that you have someone you knew by your side. Familiarity could trigger your memory and also help you feel safe. I had no idea he was taking advantage of that privilege.’

Eva shook her head.

‘There is no way you would have known.’ She sighed. ‘Do you know he proposed to me? Again. According to him.’ She rolled her eyes. ‘He said because I didn’t remember he wanted to do it again so it’ll be special.’ 

Doctor Audu’s eyes widened in surprise. 

‘He really seems… obsessed with you.’ 

Eva laughed without mirth. 

Obsessed being the key word.’

They were silent for a while. A comfortable silence which none wanted to break. Doctor Audu was an interestingly easy person to hold a conversation with.

‘I don’t know what to do.’

Eva’s words broke Doctor Audu from his reverie. 


‘About Kosi and Hope.’

She closed her eyes as the events of the day played in her head. 

‘I don’t know what to do with everything that I heard today. It’s… it’s all just so much so soon.’

Eva covered her face with her hands, sobbing quietly. Doctor Audu said nothing as he watched her. 

‘You know, I may not know the full story but it does seem to me that Kosi went through a lot to prove to you that he loves you. If it helps, from the very first day he was against the idea of Ebuka being alone with you.’

Eva removed her hands from her face, softly wiping the tear streaks that stained her cheeks. She adjusted her position, resting her back against the pillow, her face looking serious despite the tears still lingering in her eyes. 

‘Doctor Audu, my husband slept with his best friend.’

His mouth formed a wide and silent ‘O’.

‘Exactly. How do I deal with that? How am I supposed to be with him after that kind of betrayal? I feel so confused.’ 

Doctor Audu rested his back against the seat, his face scrunched in thought. 

‘Wow. I’m… wow.’ Then he became silent for a while before finally responding. ‘Not to excuse his action, but the man that entered my office and spoke to me about you didn’t seem like the kind of person who would do something like that. I hope I am not overstepping by asking if something happened that led to such betrayal? I’m just curious about the entire situation because i’ve only been getting bits and pieces of the issue.’

Eva turned away from him. It took a few seconds before she replied. 

‘I… I may have made him feel a bit insecure because of my actions with Ebuka… but I didn’t do anything with him!’ She rushed the last part. ‘I would never cheat on Kosi! I love him too much.’ 

‘And I’m sure he knows that now.’ Doctor Audu began. ‘I agree that it is almost impossible to determine how a person will react to certain situations but it’s also important to understand how those actions can affect the people dear to you. And be mindful of your actions towards others… especially people who are wildly obsessed with you.’

Eva laughed, a genuine one and Doctor Audu smiled. 

‘Still though, I can’t just forget about everything Kosi did. He hurt me deeply. Even kicked me out of our home!’ Then she added in a low voice, ‘that was the night I had the accident.’ 

Doctor Audu  stood up from the chair he was occupying. Eva looked at him in confusion as he shrugged off his white coat revealing a plain baby blue shirt tucked inside brown trousers. 

‘What are you…?’

Before she could finish, Doctor Audu wrapped Eva in a warm embrace. It took a few seconds before she could react. Her arms encircled him as she relaxed as best she could into the hug. 

After a few seconds, he let her go. 

‘What was that for? Not that I’m complaining.’ Eva asked as Doctor Audu reclaimed his seat by Eva’s bedside.

‘You seemed like you needed a hug. And not to seem unprofessional, I had to do it as Mr. Audu, after all, you’re still my patient.’ He winked at her and Eva couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped her lips. 

‘Eva, in life you will meet difficult circumstances as well as people. I’m not saying you should forgive Kosi for hurting you but I think it’ll be nice for both of you to calmly talk about what happened. After that, you can decide whether or not to forgive him.’ 

Eva considered his advice for a while before finally replying. 

‘I’ll… I’ll think about it.’

‘That’s good enough for now.’

‘No promises though!’

‘I never expected any.’

A few more moments passed in silence before Doctor Audu checked his watch again. 

‘Ah, it’s gotten so late. I better head home.’

‘What’s the time?’

‘It’s 11:05pm’

‘Oh wow! I’m sorry for keeping you here so late. I’m sure your wife must be used to it by now. Life of a Doctor.’ Eva joked. 

A sad smile crossed his face at the mention of his wife but he just tapped Eva’s hand, grabbed his coat and diary from the table before getting up from the chair. He stopped just before he got to the door and turned to look at Eva. 

‘This is me being selfish and you are free to disregard my next statement.’

Eva looked at him, curious about what he would say next.

‘As one who has been in love I can recognize it in others and I’m sure you can recognize it too. Life is too short to hang on to negative emotions.’ 

His voice cracked at the last sentence and Eva was almost sure she could see him tearing up but he turned away before she could confirm it. 

‘Mr. Audu!’

He was halfway through when Eva called to him. He stopped, his back to her, refusing to say a word in response. 

‘Thank you.’

His reply was to quietly shut the door to Eva’s hospital room. 

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