The Affair

42. The Affair


Sometimes all you need to press forward is a few words of encouragement from someone who truly cares. 

‘What do you mean? How did this Ebuka guy cause you to have issues with your husband?’ 

Benjamin asked, genuinely curious. Eva let out a deep sigh. 

‘It’s… it’s… You know what really pisses me off about everything…’ Eva began, her voice becoming less timid and more bold. ‘Is Kosi. That he couldn’t even have a little faith in me. Just a little!.’ 

Eva suddenly got up from the couch and started pacing the room. Benjamin only watched her not saying a word. 

‘The very same night! That same night oh that he kicked me out of our home because he suspected, SUSPECTED me of cheating on him with that bastard Ebuka, he goes around and fucking sleeps with that whore he calls his best friend!’ Eva let out a laugh of scorn. ‘I was such a fool. To think I actually felt guilty.’ She paused behind the couch, staring straight at the TV but not seeing it. Benjamin closed his eyes, already picturing what he could of the situation from what Eva was saying. ‘Then Ebuka! Have I mentioned how much of a bastard he is?’ She added briefly focusing on Benjamin. He only nodded once before Eva continued. ‘He took advantage of the fact I had lost my memory and claimed to be my fiance.’ 

Her voice broke.

‘What?!’ Benjamin screamed in shock. 

Eva went around the couch to sit on it. She moved her body slightly until she was facing Benjamin. 

‘Benjamin, he claimed to be my fiance. Ebuka not only tried to break up my marriage but he was willing to mess with my head while I was still in the hospital.’ Her voice was a whisper. Benjamin was able to clearly hear the pain in her voice as she spoke to him. Her eyes were glassy from tears she had refused to shed. Benjamin felt pity for her. 

‘Your dad at first didn’t really understand the situation and advised Kosi to go along with it because of my condition.’ 

Benjamin nodded his head vigorously in understanding slightly urging her to continue. 

‘And that was all the prompting Ebuka needed.’ She sniffed. ‘If not for the fact that I regained my memory I would have been living with that psychopath!’ Eva shouted. 

At that moment, Eva’s phone started ringing and sure enough, it was Ebuka calling. 

‘What more do you want from me!’ Eva screamed at the phone. ‘Haven’t you taken enough? I don’t have anything left to give.’ She said hugging herself, the tears began flowing. 

In anger, Benjamin reached out to grab the phone but withdrew his hand when the phone finally stopped ringing. A message notification popped up. It was from Ebuka. Eva picked up her phone to read the message; 

                                   How long do you intend to play this game of cat

                                  and mouse when we both know how badly you 

                                 want me?

Eva threw her phone away in disgust. 

‘I think you should meet him.’ 

Eva stared at him incredulously. 

‘No. That’s not it. You should definitely meet him.’ 

‘Did you not hear a word I said?’ Eva cried, as she turned to face him on the couch. 

‘I did and believe me when I say, I’m enraged but I know his type. He will keep coming back unless you stand your ground. Let him understand how little he matters to you. Face him head on. Psyche him.’

Eva’s eyes lit up briefly with hope before she turned her face away from him, doubt had returned. 

‘I don’t know if I can do that. You don’t know Ebuka, he’s good at mind games, I’m not like that.’ 

‘Eva, listen to me.’ Benjamin said as he held her arms. ‘Ebuka seems to be a patient man. He will slowly work on you and chip away whatever sense of self you have until he gets you into his bed. Do you understand?’ Eva blinked repeatedly before nodding her head. ‘Good. You are a strong woman. Not only did you survive an accident that in an alternate world would have claimed your life but you’ve been able to resist Ebuka’s prodding. You wished Kosi had more faith in you, I’m asking you now to have more faith in yourself.’  

Eva closed her eyes for a few seconds and when she opened them, they were filled with confidence. 

‘Alright Benjamin.’

Benjamin stared at her for a few more seconds and when he was convinced about her resolve, he finally released his hold on her arms. 

‘Here’s your phone.’ Benjamin said as he handed Eva the phone she had discarded. ‘Tell him to meet you next week. Choose a location that you’re comfortable with and public.’

Eva’s eyes widened. ‘Next week?!’

‘Yes. You shouldn’t drag this issue any longer Eva. You have the power to end this once and for all.’ 

Eva was quiet but Benjamin could still see the resolve in her eyes and decided to call it a night. 

‘Alright Eva, thank you for having me. I’ll see you in the morning.’ 

He stood up and walked straight to the door.

‘Thank you.’ 

It was a whisper, one that Benjamin almost missed. His back to Eva, he smiled as he opened the door and walked out of the guest house. 

‘I’m sure you understand now why I’m fond of her?’ 

‘You should be in bed.’ 

Benjamin replied instead as he headed to the house. Doctor Audu smiled as he watched his son walk away.  

‘That’s my boy.’

Eva looked towards the sea. The gentle breeze of the sea made her hair dance about her face. Not too much to cause a nuisance but just enough that it felt like a soft caress. 

She had always admired the view Radisson Blu afforded her and she appreciated even more now since she was about to confront Ebuke. How ironic, she thought to herself, that this very spot where they had made various exchanges over the last couples of weeks… months, since Ebuka came back into her life was the place she felt comfortable confronting him in. 

She calmly sucked in air and let it out sofly, her eyes casually swept the area. Benjamin had suggested a place with people but not too much that they couldn’t have privacy. Sighting the sparsely populated area, Eva felt confident.  

‘Excuse me ma’am, your drink.’

Eva’s thoughts were interrupted by the voice of a waiter. She smiled at him as he dropped the glass on a coaster on the table. 

She threw a casual glance at her phone to check the time. 7:35pm. She remembered the call she had with Ebuka. He didn’t seem surprised to hear from her but acted like the perfect gentleman asking her if she was well and what she wanted. He did seem surprised when she asked him to meet her at Radisson Blu, judging from the brief pause, but other than that, calm.

Eva picked up her drink and took a sip out of it. Her thoughts drifted to Kosi. She let out a deep sigh, her gaze turning to the sea, glass in hand. It’s been a little over a week since she left her… their home. The first few days had been dreadful. Kosi called her number nonstop which both angered and broke her. Anger at Kosi for not giving her the space she needed and hurt because she didn’t want to need that space. 

Kosi hadn’t called in three days. It seems he finally got the message and decided to give her time. Eva felt conflicted but she knew it was for the best. There were things that needed to be settled before she could move forward. Whether moving forward would include Kosi was something she wasn’t sure about. 

‘Looking beautiful as ever mi amor.’

Eva turned her hair flying around her as she faced Ebuka. Like the first time they met at the ATM, she was struck by how wickedly handsome he was. He looked well groomed. 

‘I see your tongue is still as slick as olive oil.’ Eva retorted. She raised her brow at him and Ebuka smiled. 

‘Would you like to confirm that?’ 

Eva said nothing in reply but picked up her Menu instead. Ebuka occupied the seat directly facing Eva. 

‘It’s been almost a month since I last saw you.’

Eva said nothing as she flipped the menu, searching its pages.

Ebuka looked at Eva pointedly and smirked. He picked up the menu on the table and started going through it. 

‘It’s been almost a month since I last saw you.’ He repeated, his eyes never leaving the Menu. ‘Imagine my surprise when I suddenly get a call from you requesting to see me.’

Eva tried to remain as calm, focusing her attention on the menu. 

‘And in the night for that matter. 8pm. It made me wonder, what did my darling Eva, mi amor have to tell her sweet husband that he would allow her to leave home to meet with me.’

Eva raised the menu higher to cover her eyes. She was barely holding her anger at bay. 

Ebuka noticed and continued. 

‘Not only did Eva want to meet me at 8pm but she chose the very same hotel I brought her to after we coincidentally bumped into each other all those months ago.’

Ebuka paused, watching Eva’s reaction. He chuckled when he noticed her hands were vibrating. Then he returned his focus to his menu. 

‘It made me wonder, did she miss the taste of my kisses against her tongue. Is she no longer unable to resist the sweet caresses of my hands on her skin, her breasts as I made her moan and beg for me to…’ 


It took a lot from Eva to not scream his name. 

He smiled. 

Mi amor.’ 


‘No?’ Ebuka inquired. 

‘No. I didn’t miss your kisses. I didn’t miss your touch and I definitely did not miss you.’ 

‘Really.’ Ebuka said, unconvinced. 


‘Then tell me Eva, why am I here?’

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