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‘You know that moment where your body completely shuts down due to an overwhelming sense of fear but your mind runs in different directions as if trying to comb through your brain for a memory, any memory that will help you out of your present situation. Yup! That’s me at this very moment. I believe …

The Affair

43. The Affair

In order to move forward, it is important for us to put our foot down and take a stand because wavering for even the slightest moment could prove deadly. Eva turned to face the sea. She remained like that for a few seconds as if drawing strength from it before finally responding. Her face softened.  …

The Affair

42. The Affair

Sometimes all you need to press forward is a few words of encouragement from someone who truly cares.  ‘What do you mean? How did this Ebuka guy cause you to have issues with your husband?’  Benjamin asked, genuinely curious. Eva let out a deep sigh.  ‘It’s… it’s… You know what really pisses me off about …