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Monk Thoughts 20# : The Greatest Act of Charity

And so it happened that I was present at a discourse which had the concept of charity as its centrepiece. There were many interesting viewpoints from everyone involved and I spent most of my time listening, making mental notes, comparing, contrasting and looking at all perspectives on the concept which is charity. It happened that …

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Monk Thoughts #18: Marriage , Feminism and the Girl Child II

       In observing gender relations throughout the ages, it is clear to even the blind that for most part there has been a clear disparity in the existential value attached to each gender. While the male happened to be the Hunter, Forager, Lord and Protector, the female by virtue of the above became the subordinate, …

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Monk Thoughts #16: 8 Unforgettable Things from Purple Hibiscus

If you have not read the book Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie, then stop here. Read no further. Only when you’ve read that timeless classic shall you understand and perhaps enjoy my memories from the book which I want to share. So, in no particular order, here are my 8 unforgettable memories from Purple Hibiscus… …

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Monk Thoughts 14 : Coronavirus: Is the Sky Falling?

From the beginning of time, humanity has been fraught with disasters of different forms: some natural and some are man made. From the bubonic plague that claimed over 500 million lives, to the Spanish Flu and the Black Plague, it has been made clear in more ways than one that these contagious outbreaks have become …

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Monk Thoughts 13: African SufferPhilia : A Curious Case of Needless Suffering

  Life is filled with untold hardship. It is indeed, a journey which has its ups, downs and in betweens. It is akin to a journey across a grand canyon with only a flask of water and a day’s meal. Dante’s travails across the length and breadth of the metaphysical universe does not come within …

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Monk Thought 12: The 2010s – Memories of the Decade gone by

Monk Thought 12 : The 2010s: The Memories of the Decade Gone by If you’re reading this, congratulations! You made it to 2020, the first year in the new decade. Congratulations for coming this far. It ain’t easy. Forgive me for choosing this moment to take us down memory lane, but I wish to draw …


Monk Thought #11 : Black Taxation : The Igbo Christmas Perspective

Think home! Think home! Think home! Think home! If you are African, and you are an immigrant to a country outside the shores of Africa, I’m sure you’ve heard many a politician or someone from home making this adjuration to you as a result of your immigrant status. It is normal that you be reminded …