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The Monk

Monk Thoughts #8 : “Now that we are all Marlians…”

So everyone and their mother is not unaware of the existence of UK\Nigerian rapper Afeez Fashola, who many know as Naira Marley. I’m sure we all know his songs too well, most especially after his ordeal with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), where he was arrested, charged to court, arraigned and released on …

The Monk

Monk Thoughts #6 : The Blue Tick: Messenger or Gossip?

You know, one of the identifiable hallmarks of effective communication is an encoding and decoding of messages. That is to say, when A sends a message to B, B receives the message, and his reception is made known to A, from which B decodes (understands) A’s message, and then encodes (writes/prepares) a reply/further message where …

The Monk

Monk Thoughts #5 : The Scourge of Power

                       No one man should have all that power… If you’re a Rap Head, you probably know this line from a popular Kanye West song. Well, power has always been a concept that many think they understand and fully grasp. The few who believe that they have not fully felt its essence are the minority …

The Monk

Monk Thoughts #4 : The Entitlement Mentality

You know, one of my favorite Social Media pastimes is checking on people’s Fake Friend Radar. If you’re wondering what that is, I made that up (They say its Pedagogy by Extemporization. I made that up too). Anyhoo, Let me explain how it works. You see those lovey-dovey friendship posts on Social Media? Where someone …