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33. Billingsgate

Toy?  How am I a toy? Do I look like a Teddy bear?  But I don’t say anything. I don’t want Tosin’s daddy to be angry, and hit me again.  ‘Wear your clothes sweetheart, you’re going for a little drive.’ He moves away from me and pulls out a jacket from his closet.  Drive.  The …


27. Billingsgate

‘Yeah. That’s it. Just the way I taught you. Ughhhhhhhhh!’ He grabs my head like he usually does, pushing and pulling me up and down. A movement I’ve gotten used to with time.  ‘Yesss. Oh yes! I’m coming sweetheart.’ Sweetheart. I remember the first day Tosin’s dad called me that. It meant something to me. …


25. Billingsgate

Mr Tosin’s dad said he’ll take care of me. Does that mean he’ll make me work just like daddy before I eat? Will I have to go to someone’s house to take something too before I’m allowed to live here? I don’t understand. ‘What do you mean by “you’ll take care of me”?’  ‘You’ll understand …