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Life Romance

My Eternity

It was the longest thirty minutes of my life. I stood there, refusing to make eye contact with anyone and at the same time, feeling the stares of about 50 plus people on me. I could already hear the impatience in the half packed room. It hung like a thick fog, almost choking me or …

Comedy Romance

My Crush

‘He loves me, he loves me not’. The age old question asked by people when they have feelings for someone they aren’t sure has feelings for them. In most cases they end up being crushes and die a natural death, mostly due to the fact that the crushee has no idea the crusher exists. That …


Good or bad?

I’m sure we have all had that special person who from the moment you both met, it seemed as though you have known each other for years and the sparks keep going off in your head. Yeah yeah, I know, it seems like some romantic American movie crap which we Nigerians DO NOT subscribe to, …