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‘You know that moment where your body completely shuts down due to an overwhelming sense of fear but your mind runs in different directions as if trying to comb through your brain for a memory, any memory that will help you out of your present situation. Yup! That’s me at this very moment. I believe …



It has become a common occurrence now. My earliest memory of it was 11? 12 years ago. I was playing with my brother in our room when I felt my head spin. It was slight, nothing serious and I waved it off. Two minutes later, I felt it again. This time, it came with such …



Molly sat alone on her bed, reading her soon to be favorite author’s novel, David Baldacci’s The Hour Game. She turned the final page with a huge smile, satisfactied at the fact that she was finally able to finish the novel. Turning, she checked the time, it was ten minutes past 1. She was about …